3 Shopping Tricks You Need To Remember Before You Buy Your Groceries

For almost a century, Australians have relied on Woolworths for their groceries and essential supplies. Also called Woolies by most Aussies, it is popular for its wide selection of grocery items. The woolies catalogue also features plenty of discounts and offers that you may never find anywhere else. Even if there are many discounts at Woolworths, you can still save a significant amount of money if you know these shopping tricks.

Here are some of the most useful pointers that you must keep in mind for your next Woolies trip to help you save a significant amount of cash to use for other expenses at home.

#1: Curiosity Is An Asset

One of the most efficient money saving hacks when shopping at Woolworths requires you to become a curious shopper. It should begin by pre-planning your shopping list and checking out the latest woolies catalogue for research. List down what the branch near you currently offers so you can look for it during your next shopping trip.

Also, make it a point to stick to the things you included in the list to avoid going over your original budget. You may also ask the store beforehand if there are items in their catalogue that are not available in your nearest branch so you can adjust your budget.

#2: Memorise The Woolworths Operating Hours

Besides knowing what the store offers, it is also important to be well-informed about its operating hours. It will help you avoid missing out on some best deals that may run out if you come to the store too late.

However, knowing more about your nearest Woolworths store will allow you to know about the best time to do your shopping. Some stores let you buy items at significantly reduced prices before their closing hours. So it would be best if you will do extensive research about the Woolies store near you.

#3: Get The Shop’s Reusable Bags 

Woolworths allow you to help save the environment and save some money by using their reusable bags each time you visit their stores. Their Bag for good campaign lets you buy a reusable bag for as low as $.15 and use it each time you shop.

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Another good thing about this campaign is the retail giant’s commitment to let you use their bags for as long as possible. You can have your damaged shopping bag replaced by bringing it to the Customer Service desk and ask for a new one. You can do this for as long as you want.

The Australian retail giant is very active in its quest to switch to sustainable shopping practices. Their reusable bag initiative supports the call to ditch single-use plastics for a variety of reasons. It means that you can save the environment while saving money as well.

Bonus Tip: Take Advantage Of Woolworths’ Rewards Program And Discount Coupons

If you plan to get the biggest savings when shopping at Woolworths, you must check out the shop’s rewards program. It allows you to earn one point for every dollar you spend in stores or on their website. As soon as you have accumulated 200 points, you will immediately get a 10% discount on your total bill. You can also use the seasonal discount coupons from the store to let you save more when shopping.

Buying your groceries and other everyday products at Woolworths can be worth every cent, especially if you know how to save while shopping. It will allow you to get more items at the most affordable price possible all the time.

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