4 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Designer

If you run a business or plan to do so in the future, you need a website, as it has great potential in all marketing fields, but it is also used by customers to compare and decide between products and services in an industry. Therefore, we have created a list of essential questions that you should ask any web designer you have in mind to hire in order to make an accurate decision.

What should you ask a web designer?

Suppose you have decided to hire someone providing web design in Port Macquarie. Fortunately, finding a web designer is something that is done almost exclusively online (it makes sense, right?), So you can compare offers quickly. We recommend negotiating with web designers whose prices are within their means, but also with others who are above. Because?

Web designers, like any other company, will try to convince you. Talking to web designers outside of your budget can help you know what to expect from those you can hire. You may even ask: ‘’ What aspects of your services justify your prices? ’’

When they answer you, try to use that answer in questions addressed to those who enter your budget lines to make sure they at least know what they are talking about. Today, anyone is a web designer, so the precautionary measures to be taken must be greater.

Let’s start.

QUESTION 1: Will I have access to my CMS (Content Management System)? If so, which one? Will I be able to taste it?

What will you discover?

Does the company offer a CMS that you can use?

CMS (Content Management System) allows you to modify and update your website.

To start, something simple: check if a CMS that you can use will be installed. Since it will be the tool that will later allow you to update your website. Without one, you’ll have to write code, something that you probably don’t know how to do professionally, so make sure you get a CMS. The Content Management System is the editor of your website, so without it you would depend on the web designer to make any changes. It is also important that it is easy to use, as you will hardly have time to learn complex and specific tools.

QUESTION 2: Will you add all content to the web immediately?

What will you discover?

How much and what type of content will you facilitate to upload to the web? Ideally, the client is responsible for obtaining the necessary material: photos, articles, texts, portfolio, among others, since no one knows the company better than the person who runs it. A good developer will include in the price the upload of the content you send or inform you about the extra costs involved.

The most economically effective is to request the “skeleton” from the web and then complete the whole body in person, although it can involve a large investment of time. However, the result will be almost identical to what you would get with a normal and current model: identical to all your competitors.

QUESTION 3: Will my website be unique and personalized or will a base template be used? Which elements will be in the model and which will be customized?

What will you discover?

Was your website based on a template? How far?

It is fashionable to create web pages from templates, which is not bad, since it reduces costs a lot, since it only takes a few hours and does not require advanced technical knowledge. However, it must be taken into account that it increases the risk that your website will be identical to that of your competitors, eliminating the possibility of showing your competitive advantages. The decision to use or not to use a template is mainly based on the budget you have for creating the web. It is ideal, however, to customize it to the fullest.

QUESTION 4: How much will it cost me later to add a new subpage, a new product, services …?

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What will you discover?

How fast can you add information? Since updating the web is customary (new products, articles, events, etc.), it is ideal to be able to do this quickly. It is common for many entrepreneurs to have problems or not be able to use any CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, since they consume a lot of time and require knowledge in the matter. Therefore, many consider having a business blog as it is easier to manage. Make sure that you can modify your portfolio easily and quickly. It is also advisable to ask for didactic material on how to use the relevant tools, as well as approximate budgets, in case you cannot take it personally.

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There are still a few other questions that are also important but the 4 above are a good starting point for rating a web design service. You can know about WHMCS Website Templates.

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