5 Important Things to Remember When Playing Roulette on TRON Casinos

Not to be confused with the 1980s sci-fi movie of the same name, TRON is a decentralized open-source operating system that’s blockchain-based. Justin Sun founded TRON in 2017, and Tronix (TRX) is the system’s native cryptocurrency.

One of TRON’s goals is to shape the centralized entertainment industry, although it is best to consider the above as an umbrella term for digital media. This means the system is seeking to integrate the principles of cryptocurrency within various forms of digital media, including video content and gaming.

Therefore, one might decide to try TRON casinos to see what the fuss is about. The fact it can process approximately 2,000 transactions a second is a significant plus point. After all, no one wants to wait to get their hands on a big win!

While you may struggle to find a crypto casino that allows you to play using TRON, a few are available. Moreover, they provide users with most of the all-time great games you’re familiar with. Roulette is one of the most famous, and while it is a game of chance, there are ways to keep the house edge at least where it is. 

Keep reading to learn some essential tips when playing roulette in TRON casinos.

1. Stick to European Roulette (Or Play French Roulette)

Don’t be fooled by the glitzy advertising associated with the American roulette games on cryptocurrency casinos. The wheel has a single zero and a double zero, expanding the house edge to 5.26%. Indeed, the basket bet is the worst one of all! It involves betting on both zeroes, 1, 2, and 3. It gives the casino an incredible 7.89% edge.

In contrast, the European wheel has one zero with a house advantage of 2.7%. French roulette is even better because the La Partage and En Prison rules mean the edge falls to 1.35% on even-money bets such as odds/evens and red/black.

2. Avoid Roulette ‘Systems’

Forget the hype; roulette betting systems such as Martingale and Labouchére will NOT work. Indeed, you could lose your entire bankroll at the TRON casino in minutes if you try Martingale.

Those who believe in it don’t understand the laws of probability. The notion that you should double your bet every time you lose is beyond foolish! If bet #1 is $10 and you lose eight times in a row (which will happen at some point if you play long enough), bet #9 is $2,560 using the Martingale system! If you win at this stage, you’ll earn the princely sum of $10 for risking a massive sum of money. Does that sound like a good deal?

3. Stick to Even Money Bets

It is wise to bet only on double or nothing wagers such as red/black or odd/even, regardless of whether you find a French roulette game. You cover 18 out of 37 numbers and keep the house edge to its minimum.

While it’s true that you can still suffer long losing streaks, they are minimized by choosing even money bets. Wager 5% of your bankroll per bet, and you should get a reasonable amount of playing time unless you hit an extremely unlucky streak.

4. Don’t Bet the Money You Win

Treat the money you win like it isn’t there to get the greatest longevity from your TRON casino bankroll. Suppose you begin with $100, bet $5 a time, and win your first wager on red.

The best tactic is to cash out the $5 and continue with your original $100. Once you go down to zero, which will happen should you remain at the table long enough, at least you have withdrawn money. Analyze whether you’re up or down and decide whether you want to continue.

5. Numbers Can Repeat – Try Your Luck

If you’re feeling lucky, risk crypto on the Straight Up bet (pick a single number) and subsequently lose, you shouldn’t necessarily change numbers if you want to make another wager. You have as much chance of winning by choosing the same number as by selecting another.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to bet on a number if it just came up. Roulette numbers repeat from time to time. While it is unlikely, there’s nothing to say the same number can’t come up on consecutive spins.

Final Thoughts on Playing Roulette on TRON Casinos

In the end, playing this fantastic game on TRON casinos can be a lot of fun, as long as you stake sensibly and don’t expect to earn a profit. 

No matter what you do, the crypto site will always have the edge, so treat roulette as an entertaining game rather than an opportunity to make money.

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