5 Tips in Choosing the Best ECommerce Platform for Your Online Retail Store

Are you excited that the e-commerce industry is booming and alive? You might be looking forward to the idea of bringing home big bucks from selling your goods and services online. However, you might be disconcerted after typing e-commerce platforms into search boxes since you will be getting hundreds of thousands of results at the top of the page.

There is possibly an infinite number of e-commerce platforms available. But there are ways for you to narrow down your choices to excellent ones, such as Suitecommerce. This article discusses essential features to look for when choosing an e-commerce platform.

1. Effortless shop set up

You must choose a platform that is easy to set up as well as design such as Suitecommerce. You want to have the ability to capture your brand’s unique feel fully. You must check the different templates each platform provides. Templates are fantastic since you do not need a third party to hire for additional help, which can become expensive. You are not required to be a design whiz to create professional-looking websites and make a bold statement.

2. Easy navigation

You may have encountered websites that are difficult to navigate. For example, you may have found a pair of shoes you like on a website that looks like it has been designed with nineties aesthetics. But you may ignore the outdatedness of the website design because you really love the shoes. Unfortunately, after wasting several minutes, you cannot figure out the checkout aisle since everything on the site is so outdated. Because of this, you are unable to purchase the shoes.

It is critical never to frustrate your customers with an ill-designed website. Modern shoppers expect a seamless experience that is quick and doesn’t give them headaches. They do want to spend their cash, so don’t make the process difficult for them.

Also, when it comes to processing payments, be sure that the e-commerce platform you select offers top-notch security. Customers get mad when their credit card credentials get stolen, and they are unexpectedly charged thousands of dollars for products they didn’t order. You must make sure that your platform provides a safe and secure checkout.

3. Integrations

In some cases, having too many options can be dizzying and overwhelming. But in terms of integration for e-commerce platforms, having numerous options to choose from can be a perk. It is especially true if your business is looking to expand.

Thus, you must choose a platform that integrates with your existing systems and marketing strategies. Does the platform integrate with Facebook? You must also check if it will run smoothly with your e-commerce CRM software and marketing platform. You must also check the plug-ins and extensions it comes with.

4. SEO friendly

Customers searching for a specific product or service, such as what your store is retailing, must have an effortless way to discover your business. You want to make sure your online store ranks high in search results, especially if you are a brand-new e-commerce store or a small online retail shop. To achieve this, choose an e-commerce platform that is SEO-friendly. You can utilise your domain and add your blog, as well as collect reviews from customers. All these will help drive organic traffic to your business.

5. Mobile friendly

When it comes to the way customers interact with the e-commerce industry, one trend is clear: mobile shopping is already the norm. According to statistics, retail revenue from mobile is projected to reach over $3,000,000,000. The use of smartphones accounted for a mind-boggling 65% of retail site visits.

When choosing an e-commerce platform, be sure it allows customers effortless access to your website. The easier a customer can interact and communicate with your brand, the more effortless it will be to make sales.

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