5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity and Get More Done in a Day!

We all have those days in which we need a bit more “get up and go” to complete our daily tasks.

There’s nothing wrong with that; it’s what makes us human, after all! When you’re feeling a lull in your ability to face your responsibilities, don’t let it stress you.

All you have to do is try these five ways to boost your productivity and get more done in a day.

1. Listen to the Right Music

There are just certain songs and artists that inspire you to do what you need to, right?

Most of us love listening to music when we’re doing chores or running errands. But there is the right and the wrong type of music when it comes to productivity.

Your choice will depend on you and your preferences.

To know what type of music speeds you up or slows you down, ask yourself these questions before hitting play on your Spotify faves:

  • Does this song make me feel happy or sad?
  • Does this artist incorporate upbeat tempos?
  • What associations do I have with this music?

You can see what we’re doing here, right?

Some music makes you feel like dancing while you vacuum, sing along while stuck in traffic, and take an even longer walk than usual during your evening stroll.

This is the exact type of music you need to boost your productivity!

Anything else will be an unwelcome distraction that you should avoid at all costs.

2. Find New Ways to Manage Pain

When you’re afflicted by pain, you understandably aren’t as productive as you need to be most days.

One of the best ways to boost your productivity and get more done in a day is to find creative ways to kick pain to the curb.

You may join a water aerobics class, make a healing ointment, or start a pain management support group. Discovering new ways to eliminate pain is a wonderful way to change your mindset, feel better, and be more productive.

3. Know When You’re at Your Most Productive

Are you a morning lark or a night owl? Do you have more energy and focus after lunch or do you work best on an empty stomach?

Odds are, you can answer these questions with relative ease.

There are specific times of the day when you feel the most energized and are mentally ready to take on your biggest tasks. But perhaps you aren’t utilizing those times yet. Well, you should definitely start doing so!

Schedule appointments, decide when to run errands, and work on major projects during your peak productivity times of the day. You may surprise yourself with how much you accomplish by day’s end!

4. Eat the Frog

Inspired by a famous quote from Mark Twain about productivity, success guru Brian Tracy recommends you eat the frog first and foremost each day.

Simply put, the idea is that you get the task you’re dreading most accomplished first, before you have time to procrastinate.

Your frog task may pertain to your work or personal life. But you know it when you encounter it! Finish it first, and then the rest of your tasks after will seem like a tasty piece of cake.

5. Plan Ahead

One of the best ways to be more productive and get more done in a day is to simply plan ahead.

Each night, set aside a few minutes to consider anything and everything you have on your plate the following day.

Write out a list of your tasks (don’t forget to include your frog task first!) and visualize how your day will flow. You’ll end up managing your time better and getting so much more done than before.


It’s not easy to change habits and suddenly become a task-squashing whizz.

But by slowly initiating a few of these strategies into your daily life, you will no doubt boost your productivity and get more done.

Just remember to:

  • Listen to inspiring, energy-boosting music
  • Manage pain in new and creative ways
  • Work during your peak productivity hours when you can
  • Get the least-charming task over with first
  • Plan your day in advance

Who knows where your new levels of productivity may take you!

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