6 Funniest Own Goals of All Time to Crack You Up

Soccer brings with it a lot of excitement and crazy emotions, both for players and fans. Along with that comes a lot of funny moments too, especially when there are own goals involved. There is a lot of empathy and so much ecstasy each time an own goal happens.

Seeing someone scoring their own goal will have you thinking the scorer is insane or just plain silly, but it happens. This post is dedicated to giving you a few of the funniest goals of all time. We hope that you do get the time to check them out for a few gags.

Most Ridiculous Own Goals

We have searched high and low in order to compile this list. There are plenty of funny own goals that you will be able to find on the internet. However, the ones that are listed in this post are just way too funny to be ignored.

And, if you happen to watch the videos, the expressions on the scorers’ faces will leave you in stitches.

Geoffrey Kondogbia

This own goal happened during the offseason, but it still makes the list because it was just too funny. His team was playing a friendly match against Chelsea back in 2017 when this happened. The midfielder, during the game, decided to play a back pass to his goalkeeper.

We really think that this was an unnecessary move as he was about 50 yards away. His back pass saw the ball gathering a lot of paces and then looping over his own goalkeeper, and going straight into the net. Definitely one most of the unforgettable moments in sports history!

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Santiago Vergini

In their match against Southampton in 2014, Sunderland lost embarrassingly. The 8-0 defeat is one of the worst games for the team, and Santiago Vergini set the tone on that fateful day. The defender, straight from the 18-yard box, volleyed the ball past his goalkeeper. We are sure he holds this embarrassing moment in his memory to this day.

Andrea Consigli

Italian Andrea Consigli, in his team’s match against Fiorentina, did the unexpected and contributed to his team actually losing.  At that point, his team was trailing 2-1 behind their opponent. He got a back pass from his teammate and decide to, as quickly as he could, switch the ball to the left-back. Unfortunately, this saw the ball going straight to the back of his own net. Everyone could not believe what had just happened. Definitely one of the funniest moments in football history.

Lee Dixon

Arsenal is one great team, with friends across the globe. In fact, it is one of the excellent passing teams to ever come out of the English Premier League (EPL). However, this was one of the worst moments for the team, especially for Lee Dixon, who facilitated his own goal.

During a match, the full-back’s intention was to give a backpass to his teammate, David Seaman. However, this didn’t go down so well as he seemed to strike the ball with a lot of power, which resulted in the ball lofting to the back of his own net. And get this; this was from 25 yards out!

Tony Popovic

Many of you will remember this moment when defender Tony Popovic spectacularly scored his own goal in a match against Portsmouth. During the game, he met a cross, which he flung out his right boot, quite lazily if we must add. When he did that, his heel pushed the ball into the far corner. This rather lazy clearance created one of the funniest own goals of all time.

Peter Enckelman

In our opinion, this is probably the funniest own goal of all time. In a match between Birmingham and Aston Villa, his teammate’s throw-in ended up trickling underneath his foot. The shock and disbelief on Peter Enckelman’s face after this goal was priceless; he could not believe what just had happened. To this day, we keep watching this moment because it is just so ridiculously ridiculous.


There you have it; the 6 funniest own goals of all time. Trust us; there are more, but these are the ones that we had to include in this post. If you haven’t seen them yet, we suggest that you look them up. Who knows, they might just make your day!

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