7 Best Ecologically Friendly Desk Shelves to Buy in 2021

As early as 2020, companies implemented the work-from-home setup to lessen your exposure to several people who are possible carriers of the deadly virus. It is their way of helping the government in reducing the number of infected cases. You can’t deny that there are several advantages to working from home. For example, you get to do all your reports in the comforts of your own home. You no longer have to commute to the office early in the morning. Ultimately, it allows you to witness how your children perform in their classes. 

However, there are also disadvantages with working from home, including an office with limited space. It is where the purpose of desk shelves comes in. It is furniture that can hold office supplies at a convenient height. Check out the list of the best desk shelves below that will help transform an unorganized desk into a sanctuary of focus and productivity.

  • PENGKE office storage rack desk organizer

The first one on the list is this office storage desk shelf crafted by PENGKE. It is best for people who prefer buying ecologically friendly furniture. The manufacturer used natural wood that is harmless to the environment and at the same time highly durable. Why would you settle for products made from toxic materials if you can have one that can truly stand the test of time?

This PENGKE desk organizer has two parts that you can adjust its size to best fit your needs. It prevents the accumulation of mess in your working desk as it can store books, office supplies, spice vases, plants, and more. Moreover, you can assemble it in just a few minutes right after you get it out of its box. You can have it for $35.99 but it can be as low as $15.99 during sales season.

1. Jerry&Maggie office storage rack desk organizer

Another eco-friendly product is this desk organizer manufactured by Jerry & Maggie. It used natural wood materials that are sturdy and non-toxic. You can adjust and rotate the distance between its two main parts to better suit your needs. It can hold several office supplies, documents, books, and even decorative items, such as plants. 

You will not encounter any problems in transporting and carrying the furniture from one place to another because it is a lightweight desk shelf measuring 6lb. It is a wonderful option if you are looking for modern and aesthetically pleasing furniture to place in your home office. Its list price is $35.98 but you may opt to purchase it when there is a discount because it can be as low as $26.99.

  • PAG desk shelf organizer

PAG made this high-quality desk shelf organizer by subjecting melamine wood in an edge sealing process. It is durable and is resistant to wear and tear. You can expect that it can serve you for several years to come. It consists of recycled materials free from formaldehyde making it environmentally friendly.

 It is an ultimate space-saving furniture since it has 2 separate pieces that you can manipulate to create a small shelf rack or a longer one depending on the space and style that you want. It is best for storing books and organizing office supplies. Aside from this, you can also use it to display small potted plants that can make your office look more vibrant. It comes with a price tag of $25.99.

  • Wallniture Minori office desk shelf

If you want a stylish solution for your unorganized desk, then this Wallniture Minori floating desk shelf is the best to buy. It might look simple but it can surely improve the aesthetics of your home office as well as its functionality. It can hold plenty of times, such as books and office documents that can keep the place tidy and neat.  It consists of high-quality solid wood and metal brackets making it withstand adverse conditions.

Since it is a floating shelf you only need to install it on the wall. As a result,  it can save a lot of your floor space that you can use to display other pieces of furniture. It is also versatile as it can also look good in your bathroom or a bookshelf in your living room. For only $31.99, you can already have this Wallniture desk shelf.

  • Expandable wood desk shelf

The manufacturer uses MDF wood in crafting this expandable wood desk shelf making it resistant to rust. It is also durable and safe for the environment. Its sleek irregular shaped-shelves make it more attractive. It has 2 main parts with an adjustable position and distance to best meet your storage needs. 

It has a flat and sturdy surface that can hold thick books and large decorative items. Since it is very easy to install, you can do it yourself even without the help of other people. 

  • LOKKHAN industrial desk shelf

This desk shelf with an industrial design is perfect for any home office. It is available only in the color brown made from wooden and metal materials. Since it consists of 3 parts, it can create plenty of space to store your office materials. You can place flower plants and books on the  2-tier shelf. Below is a large desk that can accommodate your laptop, mouse, and other accessories. You may pair it with a comfortable chair to complete its look. 

The LOKKHAN Industrial desk shelf can add vintage aesthetics to your home office. When you purchase it, it will come with clear instruction to help you assemble it easily

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  • Fytz design shelf

If you want to achieve a minimalist home office, this Fytz floating shelf is a must-have. It is not the typical storage as it has a unique style compatible with all types of walls. It comes with 3 white wall shelves made from wood materials and a built-in level that makes installation a piece of cake. 

Each shelf has a maximum capacity of 20 lbs. You may use it to display books and other working essentials. Purchase it now for only $59.95.


Now that most are working from home, you should create a space where you can be conducive. Desk shelves are necessary during this new mode of working. It is the key to having an organized and conducive workspace. Furthermore, they are also not that expensive! Order one now from the list above from

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