7 Ways To Style Your Cube Organizer 

Everyone would probably agree that the beginning of quarantine went by in a blur. We were bombarded with breaking news, lockdown announcements, and reports about panic buying. Our usual coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety, such as going out for coffee, were suddenly off the table. 

As we were confined in the four walls of our home, amid social isolation, we have found ways to distract ourselves with activities that we seemingly took for granted in the past like planting and baking. But, one thing that persists to this day is home organization. 

Online, you would find several groups dedicated to sharing home organizing tips, advice on how to save energy, and reviews about the trending products to date. One topic that you have probably even come across is about a cube organizer shelf

What is a Cube Organizer? 

Cube storage shelves or cubbies are a versatile storage solution that can hold everything from books to toys and everything in between. They are available in a wide range of styles, materials, and sizes to accommodate different storage demands. However, there’s more to its versatility than that. 

This storage solution can function like other furniture such as a nightstand, a console table, or a shoe display cabinet. What’s even better is that it’s useful pretty much anywhere—in a bedroom closet, space under the stairs, or a bedroom—to either create sections in a large room or keep the clutter in your small-space apartment. Continue reading as we discuss the ways you can use a cube organizer and how to style it. 

Alternative Uses of A Cube Organizer 

1. Nightstand 

Cubes make for a great nightstand alternative that looks less bulky. Here, you can display your lamp, books, maybe an extra blanket or two, and other bedtime essentials. 

2. Kid Storage 

In the nursery or playroom, you can make use of a cubby shelving for storing the little things your baby may require. Add bins to some of the cubes so the overall look doesn’t appear cluttered. You may also want to place a few ornamentals for a more decorated look. 

3. Home Bar 

A home bar can store anything from your coffee-making essentials or dinnerware. Regardless of your preference, you can trust a cube organizer to hold these items and make for a nice topic whenever you have guests over. 

4. Divider

Further proving its versatility, you can also use cube shelving as a divider. A few planters, vases, artwork, or other memorabilia should be enough to complete the arrangement.  

5. Bookshelf 

Stacked cube shelves can also create an impressive book display. Just make sure to not use it to the fullest to give your bookshelf an airy look. Finish off by placing other items like a globe or other personal keepsakes and the result will look classy and expensive. 

6. TV Console 

A low lateral cube shelving can double as a TV console. Fill it with storage bins for a neat look or leave them open and keep only a few items in it. Either way, it’s guaranteed to offer a functional yet aesthetically appealing entertainment center. 

7. Home Office Storage 

While it takes up little space, cube shelving offers a place to organize your office documents, reading materials, and other supplies. Consider using modular cubbies to adjust your storage according to your changing needs. 

5 Rules in Styling Your Cube Shelving 

Filling each square of your cube shelving in a way that still looks good can be a challenge. Most homeowners complain about how their shelves often look over-stuffed or empty and how they just don’t look stylish overall. 

The good news? There are some no-fail rules in styling your cube shelves. 

1. Set a Color Palette 

This rule applies to many aspects of home decorating, including styling your cube shelves. For starters, you would want to keep your cube organizer in a neutral color, either black or white. For its contents, play it safe by using a maximum of four colors. It wouldn’t matter if you use them randomly throughout the shelves. 

2. Play with Shapes 

While you would want to limit the colors on your shelf, that just isn’t the case with shapes. Use objects with different silhouettes and interesting shapes. This is where you could make use of your keepsakes that are accumulating dust in the attic. 

3. Mix and Match Textures 

Keep your cube shelving from looking like it’s straight out of the catalog by filling it with curated and stylish pieces that reflect your personality. It involves using items with different textures—think of ceramics, marbles, and other items with a matte or polished surface. 

4. Stack Your Books 

When you’re told not to fill an entire cube with books, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put them on display at all. Just avoid stacking them in a uniform way. Store some horizontally and the rest, vertically. 

5. Personalize It

When done the right way, your cube shelf should be a reflection of your style and personality. Feel free to place a few framed photos here and there. Finally, keep a few storage boxes and containers where you can store smaller items you prefer not to display. 

Home Organizing During a Pandemic 

After more than a year of spending more time at home, it’s no surprise that people from many parts of the world have gotten into home organizing. If there’s anything good that happened during this time of uncertainty, it’s that it has allowed us to take a hard look at our spaces and rethink the way we live. 

Just how much home organizing gained in popularity for the past year? Collectively and in solidarity, we have sought out new methods to handle the stress, fear, and anxiety that this global crisis has caused. We have transformed unused spaces into workspaces, created gardens, organized the pantry, and for those who can afford: renovated their homes to incorporate the trending white and wood color theme. 

Today, homes are more than just a place to relax after a long day of work, and we largely owe it to home organizing experts and DIYers that inspired and helped facilitate all of these changes. 

How would you style your cube organizer shelf? Share with us how it helped transform your home by leaving a comment below!

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