A Guide On How To Use These 3 Amazing Tools From GogoPDF Online

File formats are vital parts for the improvement of our technology. Without file formats such as PDF, the digital world will be at its worst chaos. With the help of different file formats, we can communicate across the globe. Thus, to make your task easier in modifying file formats, web-based tools were created.

One of the most used online tools today is the GogoPDF. This tool has been approved by many experts in different fields. It has the most convenient steps and procedures. With GogoPDF, you can easily convert, split, and compress PDF files using these steps:

How To Use Gogo PDF’s File Format Converter Tool

Converting your file format has a lot of advantages, especially if you are an office worker. If you have files in MS Word format, then you need to print these files immediately. It will not be ideal if it is in MS Word format since most of your file’s format, such as the lines, texts, and other metadata, will be altered. You need to convert it into a PDF format.

If you have your files converted into a PDF format, all of your file’s format will not be altered. This is among the many benefits of converting your file into a PDF format. You can save tons of storage spaces when you have your files transformed into PDF format. Also, converting your files into a PDF format is easy when using a reliable online tool.

To help you decide what online tool to use, try GogoPDF. With its Word to PDF file format converter tool, it can quickly transform your Word document format into a PDF file in just a few clicks. All the steps provided by GogoPDF are straightforward and easy to use. You will surely not regret using such a tool.

To start the process, you need your Word document format ready. Once you have it ready, place it in GogoPDF’s tool. After that, GogoPDF will analyze and convert your Word document into a PDF format. In a minute or less, your file should be ready. Lastly, the link to your file will be visible, click it, and start downloading it.

How To Split A PDF File

If there is a page in your PDF file that you wish to remove, it would be hard if you do the old ways, such as scanning the entire document. An ideal method of solving this dilemma is by splitting the page of the PDF file using GogoPDF. With GogoPDF’s Split PDF file tool, it can easily remove the page/s from your PDF file.

To start, you need to prepare your PDF file. If you have your file ready, you can drag that file into GogoPDF’s tool. Once done, you can start splitting your PDF file. You can choose the page/s that you need to split from your original document. After that, wait for the entire process. Lastly, download your newly split PDF file.

How To Compress A PDF File

If you have files that have a considerable size, for sure, it would be troublesome when you send them online. With that, your productivity at work would surely decrease. So the best way to eliminate such a problem is by compressing these files. Using GogoPDF’s Compress PDF tool, you can quickly reduce the size of your file using the most manageable steps.

To start, select a PDF file from your device and place it in GogoPDF’s system. Once done, you can begin compressing your PDF file. After that, wait for your file to be ready. The process will usually take a minute, but if you have a strong internet connection, the process will be faster than usual. Once done, you can start downloading your newly compressed PDF file.


One of the best things about GogoPDF is that this tool is very secure and safe. You don’t need to worry about your file’s safety. GogoPDF deletes your file an hour after your transaction with them. With this, your file’s content will only be available for you. Also, you can find other security measures on its Privacy and Security protocols.


With GogoPDF, every task related to file format modification has gone easy! Altering PDFs has never been this doable. If you need other tools that will help you modify other file formats, check out their website. You can also try to avail of their free trial for a limited time only. Try it now!

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