Achraf Nait extends his contract with Malaga CF

Achraf Nait has signed a 2 year contract with Malaga CF . The 23-year-old talent from Amsterdam is therefore fixed until the summer of 2021.

Achraf Nait came over from Gibraltar United for the season and initially joined to play Europa League. After a good season, he made the transfer to Malaga CF.

First Eleven

In the first month, during the away match against Elche FC Waalwijk, he made his debut in the first Segunda Division. After the winter break, the attacking midfielder, who played a year in the youth of Alphense Boys, has conquered a starting place at the great historic club Malaga CF.

Why Malaga CF?

“Last year a number of big clubs from England showed an interest in me: West Ham United and Aston Villa. I did an internship at both clubs and was also able to sign contracts there. I went to find out which club would suit me best and which contract would was the best, but at the same time I was working on my last three months of HBO Law. It was a difficult decision: to sign or drop out of school. But I had studied for four years for a reason and otherwise had to start all over again. not that you can pick up that study again from the same time later. It was a difficult decision, but my parents also thought it was wise to graduate first.”

Nait completed his studies and played a tournament in England with the still interested Aston Villa. There he made a good impression and was approached by a board member of Málaga. “Málaga works with Gibraltar United. That man reported to my agent and said: ‘I have a nice offer’. I was immediately able to sign a good contract at Gibraltar, with a good chance of playing Europa League football. That is one of the biggest tournaments in the world. I signed without a doubt. I thought: this is the best start for me in professional football.”

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