Aconcagua Expeditions – My Memories of Expedition in South America

It isn’t easy to write about memories when almost five years have passed since my Aconcagua climb. Motivations change. The sensations are diluted, and new ones appear. The feelings lose large doses of the importance they initially had. There are situations in life that, little by little, are trapping you inside; something like this happened to me, a first concern, the encounter from a distance of two looks, yours and mine. A first approach and rejection, a two-year hiatus, time for adjustments, waiting, correcting errors, returning confidence .until at the end, slowly, subtly, delivered and without the possibility of looking back, to be available for a new call. A call whose response was already affirmative beforehand was wrapped in prudence and respect for those who have been rejected the first time.

From a young age, I wanted to meet the one who became the main objective for many years. Years of searches lacking the desired answer, how to climb Aconcagua? Need to know and find reasons to validate an attempt. Years wrapped in egos, passions, loneliness, joys, a sum of moments taking form and acquiring meaning and that converged in a place, on a specific date, at an hour that will never leave the box of my memories.

France Square. South wall. 4200m. An inhospitable place, devoid of any sign of life, where silence mixes with ice, with mud, eternal blue, and loneliness.

This short article serves to thank the Mendoza mountain police for their collaboration and with whom I had the luck of completing the last stage on December 22, from Nido de Cóndores to the summit. Most likely, without the confidence that feeling accompanied in La Canaleta gave me, I would have had many problems accessing the summit in this second attempt climbing Aconcagua.

When you see the end of the trip, you love those steps; you walk them with the graceful touch with which you place some flowers on the table on holiday. And where more than in Argentina, it is in the northwest of the province of Mendoza, in the provincial park that bears the same name, 181 km from the city of Mendoza.

The province is also known – among so many more – because it is where the best wines in the country are born. The name of the hill, which for some authors comes from Quechua, means Stone Sentinel.

It can be seen from the national route No. 7 or from now on, reaching its base and climbing it after adaptation.

It is a tremendous challenge for climbers and hikers worldwide.

Many times I have wondered what moves man to perform such a feat. It is a mountain of 6,960.80 meters! Would you upload it? I am in love with the mountains, with the mountains. Since I was young, I always liked exploring and climbing on rocky terrain. However, I would not give myself to climb Aconcagua!

It is the highest mountain on the American continent. Whoever decides to undertake this challenge has to know climbing techniques, excellent physical condition, and experience.

It is not for me, I am dazzled by landscapes and exploring nature, and I recognize that it is a feat that I am not willing to discover.

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