An Insight Into Ozora Festival 

If you’ve stumbled across this utter mistake and need an explanation of what the hell I’m speaking about, it’s here. Ozora Festival (O.Z.O.R.A.) is a psychedelic trance festival in Hungary tribal event held every summer in South Hungary for a week. It has been one of the world’s biggest and most well-known Psytrance occasions and is one of Europe’s most fascinating independence music festivals. Every year the festival attracts about sixty thousand fans who come to the world’s biggest names in the psychedelic scene.

Ozora is held annually at the end of July and the beginning of August. A couple of times, I visited Ozora and undoubtedly intend to leave.

Ozora Festival My Guide

In this guide, I will try to include as much advice as possible about every concept of Ozora’s event, including how to sleep, what to eat, and naturally, how much money you need.

I tried to make this post a resource as helpful as possible. I have searched Facebook and Reddit boards with the most frequently asked questions to make it a final guide to Ozora Festival participation about psychedelic trance festival in Hungary.

Please let me know by leaving a comment if this guide is helpful. Find out about this guide as well. If you think I missed a few essential materials, let me know that I will update this guide periodically.

Ozora Festival’s History

In 1999, Ozora farm in Ozora village, near to Dádpuszta, hosted its first Ozora festival. To mark an eclipse, the celebration was planned. The festival wasn’t currently renamed Ozora but Solipse.

The festival Ozora eclipse was a massive success, and the organizers agreed to plan more festivals. In 2004, the first “actual” festival in Ozora took place. The Ozora Festival has kept rising every year and has flourished into a 30,000 temporary solid city with a strange and beautiful worldwide population. It has a road network and water infrastructure, and a free local newspaper during the psychedelic trance festival in Hungary.

The festival has remained true to its origins, despite its popularity. Unfortunately, the initial creator died last year, but his sons and his original team hopefully continue Ozora’s spirit.

Ozora Festival is a sponsoring company that has maintained a very fair price for the prices of tickets. It is also clear that the festival’s revenues are reinvested, and infrastructure improves every year.

Tickets for the Ozora Festival

Tickets to Ozora Festival are usually available at the beginning of the year and cost approximately 170 euros. Visas eligible for entry for O.Z.O.R.A. 2021 from the canceled A.R.E. 2020. It seems as though the Ozora Festival will take place from April 2021.

It would help if you did not forget that the Ozora festival will last PLUS 7 days, 24 hours before and after, while admissions may seem high. The ticket Ozora also allows you to camp for nearly two whole weeks at the Ozora venue. If you don’t think that’s poor compared to other significant music festival rates, doesn’t it? E.g., you will be charged at least 80 Euro for a one-day ticket to Tomorrowland. But then again, you’re probably more money than sense, and you probably shouldn’t read this if you dream about even going to the chavvy fool festival in Tomorrowland.

It is also evident that the festival revenues are reinvested, and the festival’s infrastructure continues to improve.


Ozora tickets cannot be purchased from organizers directly. Their website generally contains links to a range of online retailers and a few shops in Europe where you can physically collect them. While in all online stores, the ticket prices are the same, some charge higher transaction fees than others. I found the best value for Hadra last year. Hadra is based in France, but that wasn’t a problem, and by buying them instead of from the U.K.

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