Answering 7 common questions about mediclaim insurance policy

Normally people are very much worried about the concept of purchasing the right kind of insurance policy for themselves that will help in providing them with several kinds of advantages in the long run. Purchasing the mediclaim insurance policy always requires the people to enquire about different kinds of questions in the whole process so that they can be very much clear and can always go with the extremely simplified options.

Following are the most common questions which the people need to answer at the time of choosing the best mediclaim insurance policies:

1. What is the age criteria? 

Age is a very vital aspect to be taken into consideration whenever it comes to the world of purchasing mediclaim insurance. At the time of purchasing the mediclaim insurance, it is very much important for the people to consider the age-group of all the family members who have to be insured. It is also very much vital for people to thoroughly check out the age-based criterion at the time of purchasing the health insurance cover because normally it will be based upon a minimum age of only 91 days and a maximum age limit of 60 years. So, the options have to be wisely chosen after considering this point.

2. How to find the perfect pair of coverage with premium? 

Another very important point to be taken into consideration in the whole process is to find out the perfect combination of premium as well as coverage because everybody wants to reduce the premium up to the best possible levels and everyone wants to enhance the coverage up to the best possible levels. Hence, the best way to look behind the reasons for reduced premium is to check out the additional clauses of copayment, sub-limits and deductibles so that there is no problem at the later stage. It is also advisable for the people to purchase that particular policy that comes with adequate coverage without any kind of compromise on the merits and premium which the people can afford.

3. What should you know about the clause of waiting period?

If the individuals are clear about the concept of waiting period then they will always enjoy a good position of making the decisions. Normally the waiting period can be any period between 24 months-48 months depending upon the plan which the people have chosen. This will also apply to some of the pre-existing problems like diabetes, thyroid and various other kinds of issues and additionally, it will apply to some certain specific diagnoses as well. So, the comparison of different kinds of plans based upon this point is very much important.

4. What about the pre-and post-hospitalisation coverage? 

Most of the medical policies cover the medical expenses that are incurred during the hospitalisation but the people should be aware of that particular plan which helps in covering the expenditures incurred before and after the hospitalisation as well so that people can save a lot of expenses incurred on ambulance charges, medicine, Dr fees and several other kinds of things.

5. What are the cashless hospitalisation benefits? 

The mediclaim policies normally have a tie-up with hospitals where insured can get facility of cashless treatment in the cases of medical emergencies. It will always prevent people from tedious paperwork and will help in saving a lot of time especially in the cases of emergencies. So, the best part of this particular policy is that there will be no need of arranging for funds and file for reimbursement. So, it is very much important for people to be aware of the cashless hospitalisation benefits so that one can also check out the network hospitals in terms of vicinity.

6. What about the maternity expenses and its coverage? 

People ignore the maternity-related benefits into the mediclaim policies, which is a very common mistake which normally people make and the cost of delivery as well as maternity is already skyrocketing which is the main reason that people need to be aware of this particular concept since the very beginning. The people should choose that particular plan which helps in covering the newborn medical baby expenses along with the basic cost of delivery and one must also never forget to check out the limitations attached with the whole process to ensure proper procedures.

7. What is the claim process? 

Checking out the wordings of policy and going through the claim process which will be followed is another very important thing so that people can always indulge in smooth procedures which will help in providing them with several kinds of advantages. Doing some of the research and reading customer reviews online is a good idea to ensure seamless and services are always there.

Hence, purchasing the medical policy from the house of Care insurance will always allow the people to avail themselves several kinds of advantages very seamlessly.

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