Back To Teaching This Fall?-5 Ideas To Start the Year Off Right

Teachers who are planning ahead for the school year might not initially think about bikes, but this mode of transportation can be ideal for teaching. Whether you are interested in the latest electric bikes for women or are envisioning riding a classic beach cruiser bike, here are five cycling-related ideas to consider for the new school year.

Pedal To And From School

If you live within riding distance of the school where you teach, you can consider biking to and from school when the weather allows. The most recent models of womens e bikes for sale are likely to change what you think of as riding distance.

E-bikes with 250 watt hour batteries can have up to a 30-mile range with pedal assist, a 15-mile range on full electric power and top speeds of 24 miles per hour. Models with 500W batteries have up to a 40 mile range on pedal assist mode, can travel 20 miles on throttle power and have top speeds of 28 mph.

Fun Trikes For Convenience & To Wow Your Students

An adult tricycle is a less common sight than two-wheeled electric or manual bicycles. You are sure to make an impression when you ride up on a three-wheeled bike in your choice of eye-catching colorways.

The most appealing features of trikes include the increased stability and cargo-carrying capacity of the basket that comes as a standard feature on many models. When you need a way to reliably carry teaching gear, it’s hard to beat a three-wheeled trike.

Carry Cargo On a Bike or Trike

Cargo baskets are also available for two-wheeled bikes. Choose a front or back basket or a cargo solution such as a pannier.

No matter the size of your teaching bag or what you need to tote to school, you can find the right cargo-carrying solution for your ride. It’s easy to customize any bike with practical or fun accessories.

Track Riding Time and Distance

It can be a challenge to fit gym workouts into a school schedule. Biking to school could be a practical way to make sure you get regular exercise.

Tracking the amount of time you ride each day and the distance you cover can make you more mindful of your fitness level. If you ride regularly, you may soon find that you get to school in less time.

Cover Cycling In Lesson Plans

Teaching math often calls for coming up with scenarios that involve distance, speed and time. If you need ideas for problems to ask your students to solve, consider suggesting that you want to ride your bike to a particular location and ask them to determine how long the trip would take.

Making cycling a part of your daily routine can enhance your quality of life during the school year. In addition to getting fresh air and exercise, biking also shrinks your carbon footprint and provides relevant scenarios for teaching. No matter what grade or subject you teach, consider riding into the new school year.

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