Benefits of Cork Yoga Mats

This article examines the benefits of cork and how it can provide an eco-friendly yoga practice.

Cork is a natural, sustainable material that has incredible benefits for your yoga practice. While cork may be more expensive upfront than other materials, it lasts much longer and requires less maintenance. When you take into consideration the fact that this provides an eco-friendly option for practicing yoga while reducing waste in landfills, the cost difference becomes negligible. This however, is only one of many reasons why the cork yoga mat is such a hot item right now.

What are the properties which make Cork a good choice?


The best thing about using cork as your mat surface is probably its softness! It’s made from 100% natural fiber meaning it will decompose back into the earth as opposed to remaining in a landfill. When you’re on your mat, this means there is no need to constantly adjust yourself and also less chance of being sore post-practice.


The natural fiber used in cork makes it hypoallergenic which is great for those with allergies or sensitive skin! It’s even been found that people who suffer from asthma have fewer issues when practicing yoga on a cork surface rather than other types of mattresses made out of materials like rubberwood or PVC.


Caring for your eco-friendly mat should be easy because everyone who does yoga on a cork surface agrees that it can be softer than other mats. Plus, you won’t have to worry about slipping on your mat if the space is moist or wet! If you want to get your favourite yoga clothes then you will check out this site yoga wear singapore.


Cork’s natural characteristics are perfect for practicing yoga because its fibers work together with your body heat in order to conform as necessary when performing different poses while also providing an element of cushioning beneath our feet so we feel comfortable and safe during each pose.

Cork, like hemp, is biodegradable too, so once you’re finished with your mat, or have upgraded to a newer mat, your old one can break down and decompose back into the soil.

Your New Yoga Mat

“If you go ahead and lay down on a cork mat, you’ll see how much better they feels compared to PVC or rubberwood alternatives. There is no breaking-in period, and the mat will continue to feel better for years before it needs replacing.” says Heather, a yoga teacher at Harris Fitness Gym in Chiang Mai.

Cork yoga mats are the best type of mat because they provide cooling comfort and cushioning for our hands, feet, elbows, knees and other body parts which come into contact with them. They also break down naturally when thrown out or replaced without harming the environment in any way. So if you want to buy your next yoga mat from an eco-friendly brand that will do no harm whatsoever to mother nature then go ahead and get yourself a cork one!

They’re great for practicing on during hot summer days as it absorbs perspiration so we don’t end up slipping around on top.

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