Buying guide – What is the best exercise bike on the market?

One of the main characteristics to lead a healthy life is to have a balanced diet, but it is useless if we do not combine it with a good exercise routine. Going for a jog or bike ride 30 minutes a day makes all the difference in achieving a sense of physical and emotional well-being. Physical exercise, whether outdoors or in the gym, helps keep our bodies in excellent shape and full of health. But, it is true that not all of us have the time to go to the gym, so we must look for alternatives to train at home. One of the best options is to have our own exercise bike.

An exercise bike allows you to burn calories daily from the comfort of your home. This is very convenient for men and women with very tight work schedules and also works very well for housewives who, with all the tasks they do, do not have enough time to go outside to train. By having a stationary bike, you can put a chicken in the oven and keep an eye on the boys while they train. But there are so many brands and models of stationary bikes that choosing one for us can be hard work. For this reason, we have prepared this guide especially for you these tips about exercise bikes on the market today will help you to choose best thing for you. Our main objective is that in the end, you can choose a good and economical one.


Although we always wonder how much it costs, there are a number of features that we should take into account before buying an exercise bike. First of all, you have to know that there are two main types of bicycles and choosing one or the other is a matter of the user and their needs.

First of all, we have upright exercise bikes, in which you do the exercise in an upright position while pedaling, simulating training on a traditional bicycle. And in second place are the recumbent exercise bikes, in which you sit comfortably reclined on a seat while you pedal, highly recommended if you have back problems or a few extra pounds because in this position the same tension is not produced on the back as on the upright exercise bike.

Comfort and adjustments

Although it sounds like we’re discovering warm water, we find it extremely important to emphasize comfort. Think that it will be part of your daily routine and although we want an economical device, we must seek our own well-being, not only think about the price. When making a comparison of exercise bikes, this is essential, especially if you need the bike for therapeutic rehabilitation purposes.

As far as adjustments go, upright bikes should have an adjustable seat height to allow you to pedal comfortably and recumbent bikes need a seat that allows you to stretch your legs for comfortable pedaling.

Resistance adjustment type

Check best magnetic indoor cycling bike reviews and comparison and if the resistance is adjusted mechanically or motorized. The mechanical adjustment is a simple knob that you turn to get more or less difficulty while pedaling. Motorized adjustment is done directly from the bike console. This last type also allows you to have predetermined training programs on the bicycle. Bikes with advanced consoles have higher prices, but they also have many options.

Maximum weight

It is very important that you check in the product specifications how much weight the exercise bike is capable of supporting. Some models offer support of less than 100 kg and others up to 150 kg.

How to use a stationary bike

The exercise bike was designed for those people who want to maintain a healthy and constant physical activity from the comfort of their home. Generally, it includes a console, which will provide you with multiple functions, so that you can keep track of your physical activity.

Read the instructions

In order for you to install your bike properly, you must follow the instructions step by step, because if you assemble it wrong, an accident may occur while using it or you may even damage it. It can also provide you with very important information on how you can take advantage of the data provided by the console since on its screen it can show a large amount of data that with the manual you will be able to understand and analyze so that it can be useful to you.

Adjust to suit you

Stationary bikes come with a configuration system that you must adjust according to your height for greater comfort when used. This option allows several members of the family to use it, adapting to your needs.

Store it efficiently and safely

One of the most efficient functions that these bicycles usually have is that they can be folded to occupy less space, while you are not using it, something that is ideal for those with little space, which makes storage much easier. Once folded, you can store it under the bed or in the closet. It is very important, especially with children nearby, not to lean them against the walls, as they could accidentally injure themselves or damage the exercise bike.

How can you use the console?

Since the console has the ability to display a large amount of data such as training time, distance traveled, the speed at which you circulate, calories consumed and heart rate, it can be a bit complicated at first to use it, but they are really very relevant data that you can use to improve your physical condition. Don’t forget to refer to the manual to understand how to use this control panel. Some even have the option to store a history of their measurements, so you can monitor their progress.

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