Comparison between the best tennis rackets:

Tennis rackets are available in a variety of different styles and models. There is somehow a difference in each model and brand of  best tennis rackets. Some of the points are given to explain those comparisons:

Main kinds of rackets:

There are three major types of rackets. The major type is the player’s primary racket. It is also called a control racket. The second kind is the Tweener racket. The third one is the Power racket. Many brands also introduce a fourth kind of racket known as Junior tennis rackets which is designed for kids.
In the market, some rackets are pre-strung which comes with strings. Some are non-string also. It depends upon you which one you want to buy. There are many brands and models of rackets. Some manufacturers also give a warranty while some do not.

Power Racket:

Mostly, this kind of racket is used by players and especially beginners. The racket has a larger-sized head and stiff frames. They give the greater spin with lesser power. But they offer less control.


Wilson Power and Comfort Racket
Head PWR Power Racket

Tweener Racket:

It is suitable for intermediate players. It offers a mixture of both power and control. They have one-fourth inches of the power racket.


Prince Textreme Warrior Racket
Wilson Burn Racket

Control racket:

This kind of racket is usually used by advanced players. They offer great control with less power. The player can give a hard shot by applying great power.


Wilson Blade Range Racket
Head Speed Racket

Junior tennis rackets:

They are somehow different from other kinds of rackets. They vary in length according to the age and height of the children. As they grow, the suggested length of the rackets will also be increased to the normal range.


Head Radical Junior Tennis Racket
Pure Aero Junior Tennis Racket

Best grip size for badminton racket:

Grip size is the important factor in the performance of a player. For a best racket there is the specific grip size for the player. To know the grip size, one must have information about grip.
There are three different types of grips on the handle of the racket

Forehand grip:

This is the most common type of grip the players use.

Backhand grip:

In this kind, the thumb is positioned on side of racket handle. Thumb will put pressure on the handle while giving a shot.

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Universal grip:

In this kind, the thumb is placed on middle line of handle and has to deal will odd shots.
There are different sizes of grip which a professional player chooses. One should always choose the grip size which is best for him. So that he may play well in the ground.
There is variety of grip sizes of the racket. Badminton is such a type of game in which the grip size matters for an advanced player. A player should choose a grip size with which he can handle the racket and play well.
The best badminton rackets usually come in different sizes. One should be careful while choosing the racket of best grip size. Actually 3U or 4U is the normal weight of racket which can be handled easily.

The best grip size:

Grip size is one of the most featured characters of a racket in badminton. The size G4 is commonly used by the players. It is better to handle.
Thicker grip is the most suitable for badminton players. It offers the tight hold on the handle. However, PU grip is also best for a player as it provides comfort and shock absorbing property due to which the player can play his best.

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