Data Protection Solution How to Use GoGoPDF to Add Watermarks to PDFs

With the exponential development of technology, providing approved data and shielding sensitive information from unauthorized access has become exceedingly complex and complicated. Because digital material, such as PDF files, is created and exchanged on a daily basis, it is one of the primary targets for data theft and potential file corruption.

Furthermore, only a small range of options are available for document protection. The majority of online solutions do not have the ability to generate a dependable watermark. In this case, GoGoPDF is recommended as your online data protection solution for document copyright protection and ownership verification. Keep on reading to learn more about this.

How Effective Are Watermarks in PDF Documents?

The most obvious reason for including a watermark in PDFs is to protect confidential information. The presence of a watermark in any digital file notifies the viewer that the file may encompass personal data. Watermarking prevents users from altering the copy in this way, ensuring the security of sensitive information in the virtual environment.

You can also utilize watermarks to protect intellectual property by prohibiting anyone from copying the work stored in a PDF. Using a tool to add watermark to PDF is one of the most accessible strategies to minimize unauthorized copying of files. Besides, watermarks help determine who seems to own the copies and for easily branding company documents.

Applying Digital Watermarks to PDFs Via GoGoPDF Approach

You can find hundreds of tools, programs, and applications on the internet to help you protect your files. GoGoPDF, on the other hand, is the only one that stands out from the crowd. This tool can perform all necessary tasks without occupying any storage space on your device, and it also provides a free trial if you want to test out its advanced features.

To begin adding or placing watermarks to your PDF documents, follow the steps in the tutorials below:

  1. From the GoGoPDF Add Watermark function, select a document that needs watermarking. You can also drag and drop the copies from your file storage to the site’s server, then wait for it to transfer.
  2. Creating a personalized watermark using a particular name, such as a company name, is also possible. For better recognition and ownership, you may also use a picture of your company logo as a watermark, as images are easier to remember than text.
  3. The third step will demonstrate the platform’s versatility. GoGoPDF will then apply the watermark to all pages of your PDF file. All that is left for you to do now is wait for the process to finish successfully. Keep in mind that the process may take a few minutes, depending on the file’s size and internet connection stability.
  4. When you are content with the look and placement of your watermark, press the “Apply Changes” button, and the document is now available for download. You can easily save your digitally watermarked information to your different accounts or share it via email.

Digital Watermarks Guarantees Ownership

Content theft is one of the most prevalent problems in the digital world. Many electronic file users have been subjected to unauthorized access on a regular basis due to the ease with which files can be shared over the internet. As a result, having a clear watermark in your digital documents helps users identify who owns the PDF content.

Moreover, a watermark is usable for more than just protecting the privacy of portable documents. Watermarking will also assist you in determining the type of file you’re dealing with. For work or school presentations, you might need to add watermarks to your PDF files. It’s beneficial for you to know what the file is all about, whatever your reason may be.

GoGoPDF Is a Secure Platform for Online Transactions

After you upgrade your PDF documents with truly innovative watermarks from the GoGoPDF website, the system will keep deleting all of the documents you have uploaded online. After an hour, the site’s system will eradicate all PDF files from its storage, leaving no trace. As a result, you can place your trust in GoGoPDF to keep all of your PDF files confidential.

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Online documents can help you be more efficient in your day-to-day activities. When you run into issues, it can cause you to struggle and lower your productivity. On the other hand, understanding how to deal with them first may be a necessary precaution to keep you involved daily. With that, use GoGoPDF right now to solve all of your PDF problems.

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