Dominate Space With the Rolex GMT-Master II

When people say Pepsi and Batman, almost everyone will think of the famous beverage and superhero, respectively. It is not the case, however, for the Rolex enthusiasts who consider the nicknames “Pepsi” and “Batman” as two of the hottest modern professional watches of the watchmaking company. The red and blue color of the former, and the black and blue color of the former is the trademark of the mentioned watch models. The GMT Master II has a 24-hour scale to be used in combination with the hand-held GMT, and the fourth hand of GMT to show the extra time zone making it most significantly different from other Rolex watches. The GMT-Master II integrates caliber 3285, a movement that allows travelers to easily change their local time through the winding crown without stopping the watch or disturbing the 24-hour hand. Written here are more features attributed to the iconic Rolex GMT-Master II.

History of the GMT-Master

The Rolex GMT-Master, first published in 1954, was initially designed for long-haul and international flights by Pan American Airways pilots and crew members. The watch derived its title from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which was identified as the time standard of the world at the time and was a critical feature of aeronautical calculations. For PanAm pilots, the rotating bezel that enabled them to adjust the watch to GMT, then turn the 24-hour scale bezel to set the offset and read a second timezone successfully, was a major advancement.

With only a good number of amazing and new features to increase its sturdiness, the GMT-Master remained largely unchanged. The replacement of the Bakelite bezel with a stronger metal happened in 1956. The dial inscription “Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified” and a crown guard were added in 1959. With new bracelet choices along with leather, oyster, and jubilee bracelet, the Rolex GMT-Master has also been granted in gold and gold, and stainless steel, which also appears in its heir, the Rolex GMT Master II.

GMT-Master vs. GMT-Master II

In 1983, Rolex released the GMT-Master II which looks resembles exactly its ancestor, however, it is significantly different on the inside of the round case of the timepiece. The GMT-Master II displays a hand with a quickset hour movement. This internally customizable hour hand ensures that the second, minute, or 24-hour GMT hand can be adjusted to local time without waiting.

The GMT Master has a quickset date, in more concise words, and depends on the rotatable bezel to read the second time zone. Besides this, with the existing revolving bezel, the GMT Master-II has individual hour-hand and 24-hour hands that permit the holder to measure a third timezone. The GMT-Master II is significantly lighter than the current GMT-Master to suit the revised movement; this is the only real noticeable distinction between the two extremely identical watches.

Before the GMT-Master was terminated in 1999, the GMT-Master and GMT-Master II were initially in development simultaneously. The GMT-Master II qualifies as one of the most favored models of Rolex and continues the original GMT-Master’s heritage, aesthetics, and usefulness.

Celebrities Who Are Fans of the GMT-Master II

GMT-Master II is a personal fave by many enthusiasts and serious backpackers.  Its mainstream success has birthed many monikers or nicknames and managed to land it on the wrists of actors, Olympians, freedom fighters, and just about anyone who often travels. Here are some of the GMT-Master’s superstar supporters.

Roger Federer (GMT-Master II Batman)

The Australian Open Champion ambassador of Rolex, Roger Federer, is one of the most popular celebrity owners of the GMT-Master II Batman reference 116710BLNR. Federer is considered to be the greatest male tennis player of all time, holding the joint record for the grand slams in history, and has conquered the court since becoming a pro in 1998. Due to an unmatched collection of prestigious sponsorship deals, Federer is the world’s highest-paid athlete for the first time.

Kasper Schmeichel (GMT-Master II Batman)

Danish professional footballer, Kasper Peter Schmeichel, has been spotted with GMT-Master II Batman on his wrist in many press events. He plays as a goalkeeper for Premier League club Leicester City and the Denmark national team, and the trademark blue noir bezel of the Batman GMT suits the Leicester jersey perfectly.

John Mayer (GMT-Master II Batman)

American vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, music maker, and watch buff, John Mayer, is also one of the avid owners of GMT Master 116710BLNR. He may not be seen wearing the watch on the internet, but it was rumored that the newest addition to the GMT Master line by Rolex is a prized possession in Mayer’s watch case. For the experienced Rolex enthusiast, an effortless combination of stainless steel and the distinct two-tone ceramic bezel is a useful feature.

David Beckham (GMT-Master II Root Beer Nipple Dial)

This Rolex GMT-Master reference16753, which represents mechanical and conceptual transformation, was seen worn by a former English professional football player, David Beckham, currently the president & co-owner of Inter Miami CF and Salford City’s co-owner. The Root Beer is in yellow gold and steel.

 Clint Eastwood Jr. (GMT-Master II Root Beer Eastwood)

American actor, movie director, writer, and producer, Clinton Eastwood Jr., loves the Rolex Root Beer Eastwood watch reference 1675/3, which is not as famous as Pepsi and Batman but is elegant and reliable just by being a Rolex product.

Lance Armstrong (GMT-Master II Coke)

American former professional road racing cyclist, Lance Armstrong, famous for winning the Tour de France seven consecutive times from 1999 to 2005, was seen wearing the unique and rare GMT-Master II “Coke” reference 16710. An “A” in the serial number can be seen in the 1999 stainless steel Rolex “Coke” that has a “Swiss” only marking on the dial embodying transition and elegance.

In a Nutshell

For over 60 years, the Rolex GMT-Master has eclipsed its original tool watch focused on commercial aviation into one of the best and most coveted reloaders in the world. GMT-Master II, being one of the coolest Rolex models currently in demand, has a fascinating if somewhat mysterious heritage. With the core values of accuracy, durability, and stability Rolex has steadily increased the caliber on its GMT-Master II.

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