Eat My Snow!: A Beginner’s Guide on How to Drive a Snowmobile

Snowmobiling is known for its exercise benefits and its ability to connect people with nature. Approximately 51,036 snowmobiles were sold in the US alone. If you want to join in on the fun, you first need to learn how to drive a snowmobile. 

Don’t worry, with this guide you can learn how to do so safely and correctly. From starting the motor to driving up hills, with this easy guide, you’ll be able to drive like a pro in no time. 

Now, are you ready to get started? Here’s a quick look at driving a snowmobile: 

Starting the Snowmobile 

First things first, always check the snowmobile for dents, ill working parts, as well as loose gears. You can use snowmobile lifts to check to see if the snowmobile is in proper working condition. 

Once you’ve determined it’s safe to drive, start the motor and allow the snowmobile to remain idle for about five to eight minutes before riding. That way, it warms up the motor before heavy use and allows the machine to arrive at operating temperature. 

Once you’ve warmed up the motor, put the snowmobile in a neutral position. Then when you’re ready, either push the electric start button or pull the start cord, and off you go! 

Maintain Control on Trails 

Trail riding is perfect for beginners. To start, comfortably sit with your hands on the handles and throttle. Make sure to keep your feet comfortably placed on the side rails.

To move the snowmobile forward, flap the throttle while keeping your body-centered. Follow the trail at a speed that’s comfortable for you. 

When you’re ready, try increasing your speed on the straight sections to get accustomed to the snowmobile. When you reach a turn, lean into the curves completely so that your body shifts over the side of the machine. Once you’ve mastered the trails, you can move on to driving through the snow! 

Drive Through Snow 

Driving through deep snow requires a more assertive approach than just riding on a trail. You’ll want to keep the throttle at a high level in order to drive through the deep snow. Make sure to adjust to the changes in terrain in order to keep the machine mobile. 

For example, if the snowmobile pulls to the left, shift your body to the right in order to maintain direction. Making body adjustments is crucial to navigating in deep snow and around challenging terrain. Since it’s such a physical task, you must have upper body strength to steer the vehicle. 

Driving Uphill 

Driving uphill is challenging and, in some circumstances, even dangerous. To drive uphill safely, shift your body weight to the rear section of the vehicle. 

Also, put one of your knees on the seat and place the other foot on the side rail in order to get the best control of the machine. When doing so, make sure you learn forward and place pressure on the handles. That way, it puts you in a better position to control and adjust the snowmobile. 

Learn How to Drive a Snowmobile Today 

Driving a snowmobile can be quite fun; however, it’s important that you do so safely and with proper instruction. Before you drive through thick snow or uphills, make sure you feel confident driving through trails. 

Trails are perfect for beginners to learn how to wind around curves, adjust to different terrain, and understand how to properly drive a snowmobile. So what are you waiting for? Drive on a trail today! 

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