Everton: Wayne Rooney & Frank Lampard Among Contenders for Managerial Vacancy

Wayne Rooney is one of the candidates being considered to become the new manager of Everton along with Frank Lampard, both the former Three Lions team-mates have something to offer on the table.

They were at their prime during their spell at the England national team and were part of its Golden Generation. Both men had achieved enough during their playing days that put them in their club football status.

Now the former England team-mates are vying for the managerial vacancy at the Premier League club Everton. It’s time to place our wagers in soccer betting to predict who will get the job.

Valuable contenders

According to the reports, both men were being considered by the Goodison Park hierarchy to be the next replacement for Everton’s former boss Rafa Benitez.

The decision to choose between the two could be hard as both managers have shown impressive coaching skills in the past and to make choosing more difficult, both were liked by Everton fans.

It’s been a while since Lampard had left Chelsea back in January last year and Rooney is currently managing EFL club Derby County which recently were deducted with 21-points this season.

The offer to return to Everton could be tempting to Rooney but he should think twice before agreeing to the offer and take lessons from Lampard’s career in limbo at the moment.

A job too appealing

Lampard started his managerial career in the club that is dearest to him. He spent a big chunk of his playing career at Chelsea. He won several titles for the team including Premier League, Europa League, FA Cups and League Cups.

Despite his lack of experience, he just couldn’t say no to Chelsea back in 2019 as the offer was too appealing. He deserved plenty of praise for the efforts that he did for the club during his first campaign.

The hammer was swung

However, despite all of that, just like many of his forebears, he met a short spell in the club that he loved the most and was sacked the following season.

His honor and achievements for the club counted for nothing. He was given monetary benefits for his services.

As Chelsea stood in the ninth position on the league’s ranking, Lampard followed the paths of his former managers with the likes of Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto De Matteo, Jose Mourinho, and Guus Hiddink.

Roman Abramovich, the current owner of Chelsea, was known as one of the most merciless club owners in the world of trực tiếp bóng đá, he sacked Lampard. After 18 months, the position that Lampard has been yearning for in a very long time has slipped from his hands.

Lampard never knew that his spell in Chelsea would be cut short. In an interview, Lampard shared his sentiments about his time in Chelsea.

He said, “There is no time for dwelling on emotions and sentiments on this job, I came here everyday to do my part and that’s it.”

“If I was honest, I knew that managers in this industry always have a short term, the longest would be two years. I didn’t expect that mine would be shorter than that. I was forced to accept that fact and try to move forward,” he added.


For Lampard it was a lost cause, and the opportunity might never knock again. As for Rooney, his managerial career is still at its beginning, having been coaching Derby for a year.

So, if Everton’s Farhad Moshiri is as ruthless as Abramovich, then Rooney might have a lot of pondering before he agrees on returning to Everton as its new manager.

As for Lampard, coaching Everton might be a fresh start, but he should also consider his experiences in Chelsea as a valuable lesson.

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