Factors Affecting Your Response to CBD Oil

CBD, just like any other drug, works differently from person to person. Various factors affect how much CBD works best for you including, your weight, metabolism, diet, personal sensitivity, daily stressors. 

Medication you are already taking among others. The human genome also differs among individuals which can also affect the primary effect of cannabis product. 

Regardless however, the best way to discover what dosage works best for you is to experiment on the stimulant until you achieve certain results or visit a medical practitioner. 

They come in different amounts, i.e. cbd oil 1200 mg, 600 mg or even 300 mg. Also, it’s important to keep a daily record to help monitor your daily intake. With that said, let’s look at the various factors that can influence the effect of CBD oil in the body.

  • Source of CBD

CBD products have become popular across the globe for their multiple benefits. You can now purchase them almost everywhere on both online and offline stores. CBD distributors make it easy to purchase these items. Unfortunately, some of these products might be counterfeits or tainted with harmful flavors and ingredients. 

The Food and Drug Administration ACT only approves one cannabidiol prescription drug: Epidolex, meaning any other non-prescription CBD products available in the market is yet to be approved. Most swindlers use this opportunity to cone innocent users by selling them low quality products. 

So, if you’re thinking of buying these products, make sure to get them from a reputable seller. Also, consider checking for a third-party lab tests report on the label and reading various customer reviews.

  • Taking too much CBD oil

When you consume too much CBD oil your body becomes highly saturated resulting to overstimulated receptors. Also, the outside cells tend to shrink backward making them inaccessible for further interactions. This means your receptors have been desensitized and CBD may no longer be effective it’s not same mdma from darknet.

To avoid this, always keep records on your CBD intake and its effects. Some of the key sign that you have taken too much CBD includes, an increased urge to take it more, you experience different effect compared to those you had a few months ago and your CBD tolerance may heighten.

If you experience this symptom, consider taking some time off to give your receptors a chance to rejuvenate. You can also include omega3 and 6 supplements to your diet, leafy vegetables and lots of exercise. Read here for more insights 

  • Personal sensitivity

Most people just decide randomly to start taking CBD without considering their body sensitivity. The same way certain individuals react to proteins in different ways, is similar to how they react to cannabinoids like CBD. This could be as a result of having a different endocannabinoid system.

In refence to various studies on CBD intersection in mammals, the body produces its cannabinoid receptors which interact with the endocannabinoids in the nerves system. This interaction produces different effects which explains the sensitivity. Some people require more cannabinoids while others only require a few of them to achieve the same effect.

  • Mode of delivery

This stimulant comes in many forms including vape oils, topical creams, capsules, tinctures, gummies, and other edibles. . The most important factors to consider is that this delivery methods differs in bio-availability. 

For instance, if you take edibles they have to go through the digestive system before they are absorbed into the blood stream. This may take longer than expected and may not work best for you if you require a fast relief.

On the other hand, if you smoke or vape product, it could get quicker into your blood stream through the lungs. Generally, the effectiveness of the drug may differ depending on method of delivery.

  • Genes

Cannabis product intakes affects the body in many ways. Some users may feel sleepy, calm, jovial and relieved from various symptoms of debilitating ailments. 

These effects vary from one cannabis product to another. Likewise, a similar CBD product can have different effect among individuals. For example, if you are smoking CBD oil as a group, some people may get high quicker than others, while others may feel nothing at all. 

This can only be explained by genetic mutation in some individuals. Although the human genome is almost similar, some people experience genetic mutation which may be the main reason why they react different to cannabis.

  • Medications you already are taking

The liver contains enzymes that break down drugs before they are absorbed into the bloodstream. CBD may alter the effect of other medication in your system by interfering with these enzymes, a process called altered concentration. 

This in turn may worsen the symptoms or derail the efficiency of the drugs. Study shows that, antinausea drugs like Marinol, syndros and cesamet used during cancer treatment may be affected by CBD. 

Others include Sativex a medication used to treat multiple sclerosis, antiseizure drugs like Epidiolex and approximately 139 other medications. Such drug interactions are mostly unpredictable and can be also deadly at times.

  • Weight

CBD intake varies from one individual to another. likewise, the dosage of this stimulant varies from one size to another. People with high body weight require more CBD intake than the light ones. Click here to see how CBD can facilitate weight lose as well.


If you are new to CBD therapy, there are various factors to consider before purchasing it. The main one being the source of CBD products. With so many retailers in the market today, chances of getting counterfeit products are high. This is why professional’s advice on buying products from a reputable brand. Also, it is relatively important to check the label for information about the amount of CBD and THC in the substance. Low quality Cannabidiol products can be deadly to your overall health.

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