Farewell Gift Ideas For Memorable and Unforgettable Bosses

The moment of farewell / farewell of a boss in a company at least there needs to be some kind of gift giving. By giving farewell gifts to superiors, at least it shows team cohesiveness in a work environment.

There is no written rule that requires employees to give farewell gifts to superiors. However, for social reasons, this habit becomes part of the relationship between superiors and co-workers like family.

Every meeting will surely come at the moment of separation. This term applies generally everywhere. Each individual must be willing to let the departure of loved ones for certain reasons. No wonder so many people plan a surprise event or prepare a special gift as a sign of sweet memories.

The term farewell gift for leadership has various meanings. The gifts are given as a form of appreciation, respect, thanks, and other reasons. From small things such as giving gifts to your boss, you are helping to maintain working relations with office people very well.

Tips for Getting Farewell Gifts for Bosses

There’s nothing wrong with giving a gift to your boss with good intentions. Moreover, the boss from where you work is assigned to move to another office or company.

The gifts given should not be arbitrary to avoid a bad impression or possibly make the boss feel uncomfortable. There are many corporate gifts that you can choose from, but here are a few things you need to pay attention to.

1. Pay Attention to Company Policy

Before you consider what to give your boss for a farewell gift, make sure there’s no company policy against giving gifts. Because some companies have unwritten rules regarding items that may be considered inappropriate as gifts in the workplace.

2. Pay attention to things you are interested in

A great way to make sure a farewell gift for a boss is received is to find out what they like. Make a list to determine their hobbies, favorite TV shows, foods and drinks they like at work.

Also, figuring out your boss’s personality can be an effective way to determine their perfect farewell gift.

3. Pay attention to the gift budget

The next important tip is to make sure you know the budget used for gift giving. In this case the balance between cheap and expensive gifts must be adjusted according to professional boundaries. Because a farewell gift for a boss that is too cheap may seem unwise, a gift that is too expensive can also seem unethical.

4. Giving Gifts in Group

To maintain the common good, consider giving group gifts rather than personal gifts. If you don’t know your boss personally, choosing a group gift is the right solution. Be sure to join the discussion, if all coworkers start coordinating group gift giving.

5. Avoid Cash Prizes

The decision to give a farewell gift to your boss with cash, means that you don’t care enough to know more. Another reason is to avoid the risk of bribery to superiors. Small amounts seem trivial and large amounts seem like gratuities. So, the alternative choice is shopping vouchers that can be used according to your boss’s wishes.

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