Farming Simulator 22 – One of the Most Anticipated Simulators of 2021.

What is “Farming Simulator 22”?

The latest work in the “Farming Simulation” series is extremely popular among Western fans as an agricultural simulation game that enables a realistic large-scale agricultural experience on a vast land.

The “Farming Simulator” series can produce and harvest various crops such as wheat, corn, and potatoes, but this time a new production chain function has been added. It has become possible to produce sorghum, also called sorghum, as a material for millet dumplings and grapes and olives. You can also sell the harvested sorghum to buy land, harvest the grapes to make delicious juices, or harvest the olives to make high-quality olive oil.

You can overwhelmingly increase your productivity by swaying between the vines and harvesting only the mature fruits.

New maps and accessibility-

Giants Software tells us that there will be two new maps and an update to the Erlengrat alpine map, which will focus on the system of seasonal cycles. Over 400 machines and tools, as well as 100 iconic brands, have been confirmed. Farming Simulator 22 mods should also continue its drive for accessibility initiated in the latest installments with an even more affordable game – while keeping its depth – so that newcomers can easily immerse themselves in the world of agriculture.

If the details are not given again, we will have the return of the different cultures and various animals. We hope that the horses added in 2018 will still be present here. Note that we still have confirmation of multiplayer, where it will be possible to play up to 8 players on Play-Station and X-box consoles and up to 16 on PC and Stadia.

About the release-

In addition to the game’s release date, four more new features were announced. Three of these are recent crops for players to grow: grapes, olives and jaggery, a new type of grain used in food worldwide. The players are already very busy taking care of this different crop and harvesting.

But it was also announced that each of these three new crops would handle a new feature. If players want, the game has a complete supply chain and production process to get them started. This is optional content that allows players to grow grapes and be their bottled wine. This is a huge new component of the Farming Simulator franchise and will give players hundreds of hours of game time.

Snow will fall from the sky for the first time-

The title, developed and published by Giants Software, promises new features, such as the appearance of snow. A hazard that will undoubtedly disrupt the management of your farm. The app will integrate new crops and more than 400 machines and tools from one hundred existing brands to make agriculture, livestock, and forestry realistic. The most expert fans of the license have noticed the official images that the vehicles are equipped with license plates and GPS.

An improved graphics engine-

For now, in terms of images, unfortunately, we don’t have much to eat. But Giants Software promises us “many technical optimizations such as improving the behavior of artificial intelligence, but also richer worlds.” Very good promises for the technical part, which we had already been made in the previous game.

In the Production chain function DirectX 12 will also be present, and they are told about a display of textures in real-time, optimization of multithreading, occlusion culling, anti-aliasing, and other nice things on paper. Mods will also be present at the launch, at least on PC.

It is also good to remember that Farming Simulator 22 will no longer be published by Focus Home Interactive. Giants Software had announced that it wanted to go alone for the rest of the franchise, at least to self-publish.

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