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Video recording software

  • There is not a single person who does not use the Internet on a daily basis. The global network takes part in numerous processes from different aspects of life now. It has already become an integral part of working, educational, and even social processes. The Internet is a huge and powerful platform that opens a lot of opportunities. Take a screenshot screenshot on mac

Capturing screen

  • Now we are living in a new and unusual reality where everything is different. More and more people opt for working and studying remotely due to the current situation in the whole world. With the help of the Internet and technologies, it is possible to complete tasks from home. Thousands of students all over the globe are now on distance learning. That is much easier and more convenient for them. in case they cannot be present at an online class, they can rewatch it later. How? They save lectures by using video recording software. See our other functions how to screenshot on mac

More about the extension

  • We did our best to provide users with the most convenient browser extension for taking screenshots and recording videos. We know exactly what you need. That is why we also added other useful features. Fintest Pro is not only a video recording software. Here you can edit screenshots and videos by adding shapes, emojis, seo text. Trim your video in a few clicks if necessary. Create notes to save important data. Make use of the several available tools for testing. To capture the screen how to screenshot on ipad

Convert audio

  • Every single day we need to work with a wide range of file formats and file types. That is because we live in a period of total worldwide digitization. Now the Internet is what we cannot live without. It is impossible to imagine work or educational process without the Internet. Today a vast majority of people prefer saving information as digital files. This method is considered to be more convenient and safer to some extent. You can have all your files in one place so you can find anything you need in a few clicks only. Audio conversion service here audio converter

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