Fitness Model Trainer PJ Baker Shared Life-Changing Healthy Lifestyle Tips    

“I just want to be the billboard for the people and let them know you can do anything. You just have to have a strong mind and know it’s ok to make mistakes. It’s how you get up after making the mistake. I want to help them get to that mindset and goal.”

Many fitness models come and go enjoying their full-fledged fitness life. However, few dedicate themselves to helping others to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Trainers like these believe in improving the whole environment instead of merely fitting themselves. Their potential to improve others not only shows their positive vibes but also shows their strength as training people to achieve perfection requires a lot of energy. Today we bring one such great name of fitness world PJ Baker who has achieved all victory in fitness and all.     click here for  more  : bestweb345

About PJ Baker

PJ Baker is a Fitness model, trainer, and boxer. He was fond of working out since his childhood and whenever his father and his friend would work out at home, he would join them and compete with them. However, he didn’t take fitness and health seriously until 2019. After that year, PJ focused on his career and decided that he will take the fitness profession. Today he is a successful fitness model/trainer.

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Besides being a model and coach, PJ Baker is passionate about boxing. He inherited this passion from his cousin Al Robinson who participated in many significant boxing pitches and won the National Golden Glove Championship two times and a silver medal in Olympics 1968. PJ often used to read about him in the newspaper which ignited his passion for boxing. Moreover, it helped him a lot in dealing with life. According to PJ, it taught him how to deal with difficult times, stressful situations, and how to stay calm & patient.

Now let’s continue to our main topic

Effective Healthy Lifestyle Tips from PJ Baker

  • The first tip PJ shared is to get your mind right. Sit down and drill the head and focus on beginning your journey to a healthy lifestyle. In other words, get mentally prepared and strong first.
  • Secondly, try to stay active physically and mentally. To stay active physically, you need to flex yourself. Exercising for 30-45 minutes five days a week can help you achieve this goal.
  • Get a professional trainer. A true trainer will understand the needs of your body and will motivate you at times.
  • One of the most significant things to achieve a healthy lifestyle is to eat clean. Clean eating includes fruits, vegetables, and drinking a lot of water.
  • Last but not the least, take negative as motivation and turn it into positive. These are direct words from PJ Baker. He shared that this helped him gain more energy in a positive way which helped him a lot in ignoring bad and accessing good.

Future Plans of PJ Baker

PJ and his cousin Patrick Campbell Jr aka Coach Get Right began a boot camp that is showing effective results. It is held in Diamond Bar California at Sycamore Canyon Park every Saturday and Sunday at 8 am. It is free for the first visit so people can see what it is and how it’s working. Then they charge 15$ for every session. PJ shared that it is to get a good workout, connect with people, and have fun.

PJ plans to arrange similar boot camps in the future to keep pushing others and himself. Moreover, he is going to be involved with boxing at a full-fledged level this year. Let’s see at what level we see him.

If you want to contact him you can always send him an email at:

[email protected]

[email protected] 

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