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You would like to watch a good movie on the sofa, but the TV is always busy with your relatives. A classic… but don’t worry: with today’s tutorial, I will propose some solutions that allow you to watch  full movies for free, clearly in a completely legal way, from your computer, smartphone and tablet.

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Streaming Sites

Would you like to watch a film broadcast on one of the main free-to-air digital terrestrial TV channels? In this case I suggest you refer to my guide in which I explain how to watch TV in streaming as there are some portals, such as Mediaset Play and RaiPlay , which I talk about in the following lines, which allow access to the films broadcast in on demand mode.


RaiPlay is the official platform dedicated to watching Rai television channels in live streaming, which also allows you to see the films broadcast in the previous days, in on demand mode.

To use it, connect to its official website and create an account by first pressing the button (☰) and then clicking on the Login or Register item . In addition to manually filling in the required data, registration can be done using the social networks Facebook , Twitter or Google , as it is sufficient to press the appropriate buttons.

Once registered, you can see the films in the category of the same name, using your computer, smartphone or tablet. From your computer, press on the symbol (☰) , choose the film of your interest and then click on the button (▶). On a smartphone or tablet, on the other hand, you can take advantage of the contents of the platform by downloading the RaiPlay application  for  Android  or  iOS .

Mediaset Play

Mediaset Play is the counterpart of RaiPlay dedicated to Mediaset channels. In fact, it allows you to watch Mediaset TV channels in live streaming and the films broadcast on the latter, in on demand mode. It is accessible, even without having to register, from computers, smartphones and tablets, where the Mediaset Play  application is available for  Android ,  iPhone  and  iPad .

Start, then, by connecting to its official website  or opening its app, press the word On demand located at the top, then press the menu item Films , in order to see the category with the list of films present.

Once you have identified the content of your interest, start playback by pressing first on its poster and then on the (▶) button.

A free solution to watch movies on your computer, a little different from the others, is the one offered by the Cinema section of the site , where only old films that are no longer protected by copyright are hosted.

Precisely for this reason, the films on this platform – which are divided according to some main categories, such as Year or Language (year and language) – can be viewed in streaming at no cost from a computer through the use of a browser. with support for the HTML5 standard, such as Google Chrome .

To watch a movie streaming on , locate the film of your interest using the filters on the left sidebar (including those previously indicated), then click on the preview image of the film and finally press the button (▶ ) located in the center.

If you intend to download a movie on your computer, refer to one of the formats present in the Download options tab , in order to download, for example, the movie in H.264 format scooptimes.

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