Golf Putting Tips – A Few Great Putt Tips

Golf putting is important in many aspects of the game, and in particular the outcome of the game. Putting is so important because it’s the one guaranteed shot to occur on every hole during the course of a golf game. If you’re a serious golfer then it’s essential to have an accurate putting technique as otherwise strokes can easily be misplaced on the green. Many people often believe that golf is about being able to shoot the ball long and far, however this isn’t true.

As well as being a great shot maker, the accuracy of your putts is crucial if you want to hit the hole in the distance. A golf putting mirror can also help with this. One of the golf putting tips you will discover below is that you should keep your putts short and sweet. There are two reasons for this. Not only does keeping the putt short help the likelihood of hitting the hole in the distance, but by doing so you prevent your ball from sailing too far across the green, which can result in an inaccurate shot.


One of the golf putting tips you will discover is to maintain your shoulder down throughout your stroke. To maintain your shoulder down, it’s important that you maintain the same rhythm you had in your backswing and your downswing. Your shoulders shouldn’t jerk back or forward during your stroke. Instead they should remain relatively still, allowing your arms to follow the path of the ball and your hands to continue along a straight path through your stroke. It is essential that you maintain the same rhythm as you did in your backswing and your downswing, because if you start shifting your shoulders around during your stroke it can lead to inconsistency with your putts.

Holding the Club

One of the other important golf putting tips you will uncover in these tips is how to properly hold the golf club or use a putter mirror. Holding the club the right way will really help to increase your distance. The reason you want to keep your hands and arms working together and not separate is due to how controlled the motion of the arm following the impact of the golf ball. If one arm pulls back before the other, then the putt will fall out of bounds.

In addition to these two great golf putting tips you’ll learn about the importance of having a good grip on the club. Having a good grip will also greatly affect your distance, which is why I recommend performing a one-handed overhead jam each time you hit the ball. Doing this will develop great strength in your grip, which will give you greater control over the ball once you get into the stroke. In the process of developing a strong grip you will also notice that your putting stroke becomes quicker and easier to execute.


Finally, another one of the great golf putting tips you will find in these tips is to have a great backswing. The backswing is where you begin to turn your shoulders on your back, which will produce great momentum in your swing. Once you get this momentum going, you’ll want to turn your head to the target line as you begin your downswing. Once you have your face turned to the target line, you’ll be in an excellent position to complete a perfect backswing. If you are unable to go out to golf for pandemic, then you can play indoor golf simulator easily in your home.

These are just a few golf putting tips to take away from, but the most important thing to know is that if you want to be a great putter you must work on developing a consistent, smooth, and controlled golf putting stroke.

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