Google’s similar image search function

Google Labs allows you to specifically search for similar images At present, it is still based on keyword search, and images are not yet available for search. With this interesting feature, you can find some similar pictures. E.g:

You can click on the Similar images hyperlink under the pattern to further search for the corresponding image, or when you click on an image, if there are other similar images on the image, the Similar images hyperlink will be displayed on the right side, and you can go further Search for similar pictures.

Try to find Gmail Logos, you can find a lot of Gmail logos: Gmail logos

Next, compare the differences between searching for “Kinkakuji” (in Japan) in Google Similar Images and Google Images.

It seems that the images searched in Google Similar Images are relatively close to each other, so they are less likely to show pictures of non-Kinkakuji buildings. However, the number of images found in Google Similar Images will be less than those found in Google Images.

which can search and group similar pictures together, and group similar pictures into a group, which will be listed together. Out of 12 groups of photos. When searching, Google will provide keyword suggestions and automatically fill in the search box.

on a group photo collection, similar photos will be organized together. If you click on a group (click inside the circle, not the photo), the group will be expanded.You will see the hierarchical structure in which the photos are classified. Similar photos have been categorized in their own small circles.addition to going to the next-level picture group, you can also go back to the upper-level group.No matter how many levels of picture groups are clicked, as long as you click on a photo, the relevant data and original website of the picture will be opened in another view.

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