Health hole-in-one: Keith Kosco hits 7 benefits of golfing

Good health might be as simple as getting on the green.

Golf is often described as a “gentleman’s game.” But don’t let the country clubs and leisurely pace deceive you. Like any other sport, golf provides countless health benefits.

Keith Kosco has experienced this first hand. The Williamsburg, VA resident looks for any excuse he can find to hit the links. Golf is an ideal break from the daily grind, where he acts as the Marketing Director for Pool Brokers USA. Yet it’s more than just an escape. It’s an opportunity to give back as well. Each year, he participates in the Wounded Veterans family golf tournament. This past year, he competed with his 90-year-old father. In this way, golf is more than a game.

Golf offers numerous physical, mental, and emotional improvements. Keith Kosco tees up seven reasons to add golf to your own wellness routine.

Burns calories

Although golf isn’t a high-intensity sport, the exertion adds up quickly. According to Golf Monthly, the average 18-hole course is about 3.9 miles long. If you pass on the cart, you’ll easily reach your daily step goal. But, in addition to lots of walking, carrying and swinging your clubs provides attentional output.

Boosts heart rate

Just like with burning calories, this consistent activity keeps the heart rate elevated too. Increased blood flow reduces the likelihood of heart disease and other cardiovascular illnesses. In short, regular golf outings could prolong your life expectancy.

Offers low-impact option

Any activity comes with a risk of injury. However, golf provides these physical advantages in a low-impact setting. It keeps the muscles engaged without the threat of contact sports. Strategy, stamina, accuracy, and coordination are tested with minimal chance of serious injury.

Improves mental health

Golf supports your mental health also. It’s a positive way to release tension and anxiety. Mood is improved through the release of endorphins. Additionally, as Keith Kosco points out, the sport’s physical and mental demands create a challenge that keeps his mind sharp and focused. Research backs up this feeling. Heightened blood flow and nerve connections from hand-eye coordination may delay dementia and other mental illnesses.

Gets you outdoors

Sunshine is therapeutic. Spending time outdoors during a round of golf can also boost mental health, making you feel less stressed and more relaxed. But, there are psychological benefits too. Sun exposure promotes bone growth and immune health through the absorption of vitamin D.

Creates social environment

Golf is best enjoyed socially. Since it’s not as fast-paced or competitive, golf gives an opportunity to catch up with friends and family. Country clubs and other memberships foster a sense of community, unlike any other sport.

Increases business prospects

Keith Kosco puts in work on the fairways too. Just like any good salesperson, golf is a great opportunity to “always be closing.” Golf can strengthen business relationships. Whether it’s bonding with colleagues or bosses, it can improve your career. A golf course also provides a relaxing, neutral ground where business can be discussed more freely and openly. Hitting the links is a great place to network and build these business relationships.

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