Hidden Realities About Shower Water

Showering is perceived as a very personal ritual. Many people shower before sleeping for a refreshing and energizing nap. While others shower in the morning before their day begins, this enables them to develop a happy mood. Not only does showering refresh them, but it also acts against anxiety and re-energizes a person’s perspective. 

People take showering an extra step ahead by mixing skincare routines with it; this makes taking a shower more pleasurable. Since Showering has many health benefits, both physiological and psychological, it is essential. For example, it lowers the risk of many skin diseases and depression. In addition, many people who suffer from anxiety attacks tend to take showers as it helps them cope.

Nonetheless, today we will be looking at some common misconceptions surrounding it, such as:

Tight skin is normal. 

Many people think that feeling that your skin feels tight is common. However, it is not; it is an indication that you are using the wrong products on your skin which can be harmful. Products that cause your skin to dry up are dangerous for it. So, what to do now? The way around it is by using moisturizing products that replace the essential oils on your skin. These essential oils are important as they prevent your skin from drying up and make it soft and smooth.

There is no need to moisturize oily skin.

Yes, this is true; moisturizing oily skin makes your skin oilier, but your skin requires hydration no matter which type of skin you have. Using soaps and scrubs can often strip away the oil and hence make your skin feel drier. Nonetheless, do not moisturize your skin if you already have oily skin unless you feel like your skin is dry. If you don’t have oily skin, use soaps and bars which moisturize your skin when used. It is very beneficial as it replaces the stripped-away oils. Thus, making your skin soft and moisturized even after showering.

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You should feel clean after showering.

After you are done showering, not only should you feel clean but also nourished. Your skin and body also need nutrients that need to be externally applied. It will make you feel reenergized and replenished, making each shower more desirable and pleasurable. The way to achieve this is through products that contain the nutrients that your body needs. It would also prevent dull and dry skin while cleaning all the dirt and debris from your pores. Essential soaps and bars only clean the surface of your hands while also removing your skin’s oil and nutrients.

Hot water is not good.

Hot water might seem and sound like a blast, but in fact, it does more damage than the benefits. It opens all your pores and removes its natural oils, leaving you with dry and sensitive skin.

Scrubbing is bad

If you think that scrubbing yourself harder would clean your body better, you are mistaken. If you try to wash or clean your skin too hard, it does more bad than good. For example, Loofahs might seem reasonable but, in truth, are bad for your skin. If you need to exfoliate, you need to do it gently and appropriately.

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