Have you ever returned to school or class after vacations regretting that you could have utilized the school holidays in a better way? Now that schools and classes have shifted to online teaching through mobile or desktop, almost every day may seem like a vacation to others, but only the students know that it is actually not. As much as we want our school holiday to keep going the whole year, it is just impossible. We only get to enjoy the fixed days as holidays allotted to us by the schools. But why do we return to school on the reopening day with plenty of regrets and resolutions for the next holidays and the cycle continues? Why do we feel as if we wasted the holidays? Why is it so difficult for us to wake up for the first day of school? Why do we feel sleepy throughout the classes? We got the answer to all your questions. This majorly happens due to-

  • Lack of planning- ‘A dream without planning is just a dream’, the most practical quote we have ever come across. Well, nobody is perfect and we as human beings are eligible for making errors. Imagine going to a new city with the expectations of exploring it without doing any research about the weather conditions, places to visit, the food culture of that city, etc. This might not only lead you into troubles like not packing warm clothes but might also make you come back without enjoying the most attractive activities that the city offers. Isn’t it better to plan or at least have an outline of your plan for the trip? The same is applicable on vacations, you might end up spending your vacations exactly opposite from the way you wanted.

SOLUTION– Plan the things you want to do in the holidays like completing a novel/movie, visiting a relative’s place, or maybe the skill you want to develop like baking, painting, singing, swimming, etc. A little planning would do you no harm, in fact, it will increase your productivity and you will probably have no regrets when your school reopens.

  • Focusing only on enjoying- “Live a life that is well balanced; don’t do things in excess” -Daniel Smith. Imagine constantly sitting in your classroom and your teacher teaching you or learning from online teaching sites constantly for thirty days without getting to play even a little. Will you be upset, will your mind and body not want a break? Or on the other hand, imagine playing and enjoying constantly for thirty days, without even looking at your books once. Will, your books are not upset, will they not miss you? Of course, they will, in fact as a punishment you will be not remember anything you read at school thirty days back.

SOLUTION- Prepare a well-balanced schedule for yourself that includes recreational activities as well as learning. You can choose study methods that are not monotonous and makes learning fun for you. For example- learning with your cousins or friends, learning through watching videos, etc.

  • Unhealthy sleep and eating pattern- Major population of students consider vacations as a time of celebration. A celebration for not waking up early every morning, etc. They tend to associate celebrations with only food and it is observed that children consume more unhealthy food like pizza and burgers during their holidays. This unhealthy food not only harms their body but also makes them lethargic at home and even when the school reopens. Due to no deadlines and the goal of waking up early, students also tend to sleep late at night after watching television or playing around. This not only harms their eyesight and health but also

changes their habit of sleeping and waking up on time. Hence, it becomes difficult for them to wake up for school after the holidays are over.

SOLUTION- Homecooked food is the best when it comes to maintaining good physical health, while, mouthwatering foods like pizza, ice cream, and fries will do not bad for you if consumed once in a while(say once in eight days). Students can also include mild physical activities like yoga and meditation for better health. Exercise will also help them sleep better. They can choose to sleep an hour late than they generally used to sleep during the school days as a perk of vacations, but should follow a fixed sleep routine. This will make waking up early for school easier for them.

These points are applicable on weekly holidays too. Rather than regretting later, choose smart methods to ace as a student. We hope you will consider these points and make positive changes in your life.

Happy learning and happy holidays!

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