How Do You Change the Engine of a Lawnmower?

Replacing the engine of your Briggs & Stratton lawnmower is not as hard as you might think. The primary important thing is that the new engine should have the same horsepower and other specifications as the previous one. For instance, if you have a self-propelled mower, then it includes a metal shaft. If your new engine is not capable of doing this, then your self-propelling device will not work. On the other hand, the pull-start model does not include any electrical wirings needed for operating the starter. However, there are upgrade kits that are sold in the market today. If you decide to change engine brands, then you must be cautious. Some models may have distinct bolt patterns compared to those sold by Briggs & Stratton suppliers.

First, you have to find the model number of your lawnmower engine. Most often, you can find this on the metal badge or engine case. It can assure you that you are getting an accurate replacement for your engine.

Preparation for Engine Replacement

First, remove the fuel hose. Another way is to flip the mower on its side so it can drain into the pan. Just make sure that the technique that you choose can help in minimising gas spillage. You have to consider that the oil might flow out once you flip it sideways. Most often, you cannot prevent this. Once the fuel has been drained, you need to return the mower to its upright position.

Take out the drain plug (for older versions) or oil dipstick tube (for newer versions).  If you have a newer version, then you can drain it by turning the mower on its side. For older models that do not have a dipstick tube, you have to place a pan under the mower, and the drain plug can be removed using a socket wrench. Wait for a few minutes until the oil has drained. Then, return the drain plug.

Wear your work gloves and remove the lawnmower blade. Be careful and do not touch the sharp portion. While holding the blade, use a socket wrench and remove the centre screw. Also, take out the blade collar, if there is any.

Removal of the Old Mower’s Engine

Turn the mower on its upright position and disconnect the throttle cable. Take out the self-propel drive cover, if there is any. Remove the bolt from the engine and the self-propel drive belt in case it has one. Pull the engine by lifting it off of the deck. Clean any dirt from under the deck.

Installation of Engine

Put the new engine on the deck. Bolt the engine to keep it secure on the deck. You must replace the self-propel drive cover. Flip the mower on its side. Put the blade collar on the shaft. Replace a new blade. At the same time, hold the blade and install the blade bolt snugly. Then, return the mower to its upright position.

Install back the control cable and any other electrical wires. Put a new spark plug in case it is not included. Pour some oil into the engine based on the dipstick markings and manufacturer’s manual from any Briggs & Stratton suppliers. After filling the fuel tank then you can start it.

Changing the lawnmower’s engine is not as difficult as you think. You just have to carefully follow the instructions given above.

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