How many slots should a slot site have?

There are plenty of slot sites out there all with their own slot games. Some of these sites feature slot games exclusively from a certain company, some only of a certain theme and others fill their site with as many slot games as possible. Check out the Eye of Horus slot.

But is there such a thing as too many slots? If so, how many slots should a slot site have?

The best

Let’s start by looking at the best slot sites. Surely they must have the perfect amount of slots. Well, let’s see how many slots each of these slot sites have:

  •         32 Red has 700 slot games
  •         Mr Green has 300 slot games
  •         Sky Casino has 50 slot games
  •         Party Casino has 33 slot games

These slot sites were considered to be the top online casinos in 2020 and you can see that the amount of slot games that each feature wildly differ. One has as many as 700 and another has as few as 33. Clearly popularity cannot help us decide how many slots the site should have. What about the developers.

Slot developers

Many slot game developers have their slots features on their website, providing players the chance to play their games on their own slot site. That means that the amount of slots available on the site is how many the developer has made.

Eyecon limited is a slot games developer that was founded in 1997. In that time, they have developed just over 80 popular slot games.

Let the word to know about f95zone

Compare that to Pragmatic play and you will see a stark contrast. They have existed since 2015 and have made over 200 slot games. Both of these companies share a similar pedigree but their slot sites vary massively in terms of slots.

The f95zone is the best gaming community site where you can find out lots of real games for real funny.

One thing that people often forget is that online casinos also have other casino games.

Casino and slot games

Surely if an online casino features more than just slots they would feature a lot less. However, this too is not the case.

32 Red was the online casino site with the most slots at a massive 700 slots. However, it also features games of blackjack, roulette, baccarat as well as a whole slew of other games.

Eyecon is a slot developer that caters exclusively in slot games and they only have 80 slots. it just doesn’t add up. Or does it?


How many slots should a slot site have?

It turns out that the answer is irrelevant. There is no correlation between how popular or impressive a slot site or developer is and how many slots they house. The main concern for players is quantity.

You can have a slot site with a thousand slots, but if none of them are good, people won’t play. With that in mind, a site can be successful with just one, really impressive slot game. Therefore there is no limit to how many slots a slot site should have. They just need to be good.

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