How To Benefit From A VIP Program At Crypto Casinos


VIP programs are in place in many casinos, both online and traditional. If you’re a regular player at crypto casinos, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be making the most out of the opportunities that VIP programs present to take advantage of promotions tailored specifically to you.

Our article today will discuss what VIP programs are, how they work, and how users can benefit from them.

What Is A VIP Program?

Many casinos have a VIP program in place to reward their most loyal players with bonuses and offers that aren’t made available to the general public. These programs typically award you points for every bet you make, which accumulate over time. As you continue betting, your VIP level will increase—with higher VIP levels giving the player access to better rewards as a sort of “thank you” for their loyalty. Bonuses casinos provide may vary or be absent, but a VIP program is a must for reputable platforms.

Typically, these programs work on a tiered system—with an increasing number of points required to reach each successive tier. The higher your VIP level, the bigger and better your benefits—so it’s definitely worth your while to play at a casino that has a sizable VIP program.

In terms of the benefits you receive from VIP programs, it depends on your casino and your level of membership. The most common include:

  • Better bonuses for higher VIP levels 
  • Higher withdrawal limits 
  • Personalized offers made specifically for you 
  • Special events or tournaments reserved exclusively for members with high VIP levels

VIP Program Specifics

Some casinos will grant higher VIP levels for players who wager a certain amount over a given time period, which is typically a few months. Sometimes it’s possible to be granted instant membership to high tiers if your last transaction with the casino was a cash deposit or you made an especially large bet.

One of the benefits of having a high VIP level is receiving personalized offers for special events and tournaments. The more your VIP level, the better and more frequent these offers become. These events are perfect for earning bonus points on top of what you would normally receive as part of the program.

The higher your VIP level, the more bonus points you’re awarded. These can add up pretty quickly, especially when you’re playing with a live dealer casino that gives double point values on certain games—and they don’t just stop at cash games either. You can also get certain types of slots and scratch cards that offer bonus points as well.

You can check your current VIP level and rank by going to the cashier at any casino that has a VIP program in place. It will tell you how many points you have (and how close you are to reaching the next tier), as well as confirm what those points equate to—in terms of any bonuses or other special offers you’re eligible for.

You may also be entitled to bigger bonuses depending on your VIP level, but it’s best to check with each casino you play at to see their specific rules and regulations.

One of the biggest benefits is the satisfaction that comes with receiving personalized offers which are made specifically for you—no matter what your name or email address might be. You’ll note a distinct difference at a crypto casino that offers a VIP program compared to one that doesn’t when it comes to the number of personalized offers you get from the cashier—and this is without factoring in how much better these can be if you have a higher VIP level.

VIP levels aren’t just something that is only applicable to players that have been with a casino for several months. As long as you’re considered to be an active player, no matter how much time you’ve spent there, you could be eligible for higher VIP levels—as well as any accompanying benefits. You can also become instantly qualified if your most recent transaction was a cash deposit or big bet.

The most common way to get points is by betting, but you can also get them by participating in certain promotions or even just playing certain games. For example, some casinos may offer you points for visiting their site or downloading their software—and this is especially true if it’s an online casino that has gone mobile.

How To Open A Casino Account

Before you can start playing at a casino with a VIP program, you need to create an account. This is where you’ll choose your username and password so that you can begin playing. You may also need to provide some other personal details like your name, address, phone number, or email address (depending on whether the casino requires players to have a verified email account or not).

At this point, you’ll also need to deposit funds into your casino account. In most cases, the only currencies that can be used are Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you’re unsure of how to add funds in one of these currencies, it’s best to read up on the subject so that everything works as it should.

Since you’ll be playing with real money, it’s not only important to double-check all of your personal details, but also to make sure that these are correct within the casino account as well. You don’t want to end up making a withdrawal and having the funds sent to the wrong place due to an error with incorrect information on the casino account.

It’s also important to note that you’ll probably need to verify your identity before making any withdrawals. This is likely only if the casino requires it, but make sure you know what their specific rules are before trying to claim any funds from them—or else you could end up losing access to your winnings forever.

When you make your first deposit at a casino, you’ll usually receive a 100% match bonus on it too. This is just added incentive to put as much of your own money into the account as possible—and then play with that before making any withdrawals.

You might also want to know if the casino has an actual VIP program or if they use a tiered structure instead. This is pretty much a way for casinos to decide on how many bonuses you get, as well as any other special offers that are available to you—and it’s not the same as having your own personal VIP manager who can help you with anything from tracking your progress towards a particular bonus, right through to guiding you through the entire VIP experience.

Using Your Casino Points

Every time that you gamble or complete any other transactions at crypto casinos, you’re awarded points that can be exchanged for either cash, cryptocurrency, or even bonuses. The number of points you’ll receive per dollar bet will vary depending on what game it is and how much volatility there is in the market (if any).

You can also get points for other actions, like using the chatbox or referring a friend. These are generally not worth that much though, so just focus on getting points for playing games and betting—and then exchange these for cold hard cash.


In this age of digital currency, it’s no wonder that casino owners have started to embrace cryptocurrencies so much. After all, the main reason people play at casinos is due to a desire for instant gratification—and crypto makes that a reality in more ways than one.

Most new crypto casinos don’t even offer wagering bonuses anymore because they don’t need to. Instead, they give players free coins every single day so that they can try all of their games without betting any of their own money. The same thing goes for VIP programs—which are really just loyalty reward programs. The only real difference is that the rewards are bigger and you get them faster if you gamble more frequently instead of just once a month.

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