How To Improve Ecommerce Conversion Via Social Media Traffic to Your Website

The images or media collections you use on the site act as your sales force and can be considered as one of the ways to increase online sales. You do not have a person to present or describe your products in the online store or market as a seller. Therefore, to express and introduce your products and services, you must use quality images and videos. It is very important to consider high quality and attractive images for the products you sell on the website.

So, try to make the products in a way that is liked by your potential and new customers, Offer. Include high quality images and videos on your website. 90% of the information entering the brain is visual information and people will have their first impression within half a millisecond. So, the images that you are going to use to introduce the products are used to convince them and create product value in the eyes of the customer. You can use proprietary images and promotional videos for the brand and products you put up for sale to increase online sales with highest quality targeted traffic to website.

  • Payment and Settlement Process

Designing a payment process on store websites is still a big challenge. Cleverly design the route from payment to cart to settlement of product sales. Do not use extra options in this section. Do not complicate the payment process. One of the reasons store websites lose their customers is the extra elements such as filling out forms on payment pages that annoy the customer.

  • Publish Quality Content

For today’s online marketers, content is king. People like their decisions; Depending on the correct and complete information you get. Content is the best way to educate and introduce your products; To the people; Therefore, the information you provide for the product must be completely consistent with the reality of the product.
Rich and accurate content can help customers. Prepare and publish your content as much as possible with appropriate data and quality image of your product. When you start producing content to promote your products and services, you need to tell people the true benefits of your products and services and show them complete and accurate information.

  • Great Discounts on Products

Principled product pricing is important on store websites. Price is the most important factor in deciding to buy any product or service. Of course, this does not mean that the price is low. Low price leads to low quality in the mind of the buyer. Depending on the market, competitors and customer needs, you need to do a product pricing strategy.

To attract more customers in different periods, you can use great discounts on products. Before implementing any pricing strategy, try to know how customers feel about your product so that you can offer a reasonable price that fits their needs.

  • Use Forums on The Website

Virtual question and answer forums are created around an axis. Users in these forums; By asking their questions, they look for ways to solve them. Virtual forums: 

  • One of the best ways marketers can get a set of questions and topics of interest; Find valuable and often free in them.

Understanding what products or services your audience is most looking for; You can increase their sales to meet their needs; Provide. By taking the lead and taking advantage of the needs of users and the information you gain in the forums; You can change the way you interact with the customer and your vision on the website.

  • Create A Sense of Urgency

People buy to solve a problem or to satisfy their desires and needs. While running campaigns or advertisements, try to create a sense of urgency in the audience. You need to give the customer the feeling that they really need your product or that they will miss a good opportunity if they do not buy, they will definitely consider buying your product.

  • Communicate with Customers Via Email

Using ways to communicate with multiple customers and communicating with them and providing services and introducing new brand products; One way is to increase online sales. There are several ways to communicate with new and existing customers; used. People to access new news from your brand; To communication channels such as email newsletters; Social networks and other channels are joining. By encouraging people to subscribe to these channels; Considering the rewards for them; You can keep up to date with the latest news and this method will increase online sales.

Sending emails can attract both current audiences and customers who no longer buy from your website; Be considered. Personal email automation strategy: To track customers based on their behavior with relevant content to improve further sales in sales; It can be profitable for store websites.

You can consider discounts on products at various intervals; Notify the audience via email. You can also; Provide website news to your audience using other email; Notify me of new blog posts and other site content that you think may be of interest to subscribers.


Increasing sales is the key to any successful business. Using the ways to increase online sales mentioned in this article; You can easily do your online business; Implement and increase sales in your online store. In this article we tried; Quality information that improves customer behavior and your online sales if used properly; Introduce.

There are many strategies to increase business revenue. Ways to increase sales and digital marketing strategy can be a great way to boost online sales and overall business growth. There are several channels used by businesses to improve online sales, including social media traffic to your website, organic traffic, paid advertising, and more. However, businesses must constantly discover the best ways to increase online sales on their website by understanding the needs of their customers. Each of these strategies can significantly increase online sales and generate high revenue for your business under the right circumstances but choosing the right strategy for your company depends on your understanding of your target audience.

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