How to Make a Sports App?

The world of Apps is a gigantic ecosystem. As per Statista, at the end of the first half of 2020, there were 2.7 million apps on Google’s Play Store for Android OS users. And the Apple App Store had about 1.82 million Apps for iOS users. Apart from enlightening us about the sheer number of apps, the data report also tells us that the revenue generated on an average is $ 1.02 per App. And as usual, the Apple App Store is better than Google Play Store when it comes to monetizing the Apps.

The development of Sports Apps has undergone a seesaw change. Gone are the days when sports App would simply give out the latest scores for ongoing matches. Nowadays, sports apps are much more interactive and involve users at an elevated level.

When you get down to making a Sports App, you need to consider several components of the App and steps to hire a top developer. In this blog post, we try to cover various aspects through the following list:

Sports News – Fans will get the opportunity to keep their ears to the ground when keeping track of their favorite players and the games they play. You can either have your own team who writes these news pieces or aggregate news from different sources. News aggregation should show curated content in such a way that it is fully relevant to the target players or teams and obviously should be engaging.

Live games and recorded matches – Create the hype around upcoming games and play-offs. You may need licences from broadcasters for rights to showing a live game to your app users. Having a library of history’s most popular play-offs will allow you to engage your users and keep them on the App for longer times.

Pop-ups – First and foremost, you should have Pop-ups only at places where they can augment the user’s experience by offering exceptional content. Often users find pop-ups annoying and may not be happy using your App. Having the option to send notifications for upcoming game events can be much appreciated by users. Even sending out breaking news alerts can be considered acceptable by users, provided they are not too regular and intrusive.

Past game data – Fans value the game stats from games already played by their favorite players or team. You will need to create and maintain a big database of game stats or source it from a publisher. If you can add player, team, and game reviews from genuine fans, this can take the App to a new level. Visitors value opinions from other fans and it is an important aspect of fan engagement. 

Community and fan followingAs discussed in the previous point, Sports have always had a fan following. Having forums within the App will sustain users spending more time on the App.

Location based marketing is also a great strategy to engage Fans. There are various geolocation tools which can be used for better content personalization as part of your app marketing campaigns.

Accept Payment – The app users should be able to make payment to enable features or pay a monthly subscription. Integration with the App store’s payment system is convenient for the user. They do not have to enter their credit card information on each of the Apps.

Having a plan to monetize your App makes the App idea sustainable. As the App grows its fan base, it generates enough finances to build a cash flow needed to scale up your team and continue to delight users with new features.

As you develop your App, make sure its feature does not conflict with the App Stores’ policies. Otherwise, your App may get delisted, and all your efforts will go in vain.

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