How to Plan effective Basketball session?

Is basketball your passion? Now maybe you even want to train a hobby team or take on a club position? You should prepare well for this. Here you can find out everything about the basics of basketball training and the optimal structure of a training unit. In an interview, sports psychologist, trainer and coach gives his most important tips, from planning to implementation like NBA 중계.

Basics of basketball training

If you want to make basketball something more than just a hobby or coach a team yourself, you are faced with a lot of questions. Here we give you answers to the most important ones, because basic knowledge of the structure and sequence of a training unit in basketball is crucial.

How does a training session in basketball work?

Basketball training usually consists of four phases:

  • a warm-up phase,
  • the main part,
  • a game form
  • and the cool down (cooling phase).

They are usually separated from each other by short breaks. A training plan helps to structure the training well. You will find more information about this in the further course of our article.

How long is basketball training?

You can determine how long a training session lasts. It is usually set to last around 90 minutes to two hours.

How often do you train?

For amateur teams, training usually takes place around once or twice a week. Professional players train much more often.

Where do you train?

Most coaches train their team in a hall. Individual training units or parts of them can also take place outside or in nature.

What do you need for basketball training?

All players need the right training clothing. It consists of a basketball jersey and matching pants. It is important that the jersey leaves enough room for movement and is not too tight. Because playing basketball requires a high degree of flexibility: the players must be able to turn, sprint and jump quickly without restrictions.

Good basketball shoes are also important. When buying, it helps to try out several basketball shoes at your leisure and compare the different models. To ensure that the shoes fit correctly, are comfortable and last a long time, the players should seek advice from a specialist shop.

Which tools enrich the training?

Of course, basketball is the most important piece of training equipment. In order to make the training flexible, coaches can also use other aids such as cones, skipping ropes, weights, slalom poles or various mats for floor exercises. There are hardly any limits to your creativity. However, not all clubs or hobby trainers have the financial means for such extensive training equipment.

For the coach himself, it makes sense to have the training folder, a clipboard, a pen and paper or a notepad with him when training. This allows you to take important notes directly during the unit. Some people prefer to use Custom Basketballs having branded logo of their favorite team to show their affiliation.

Now you have the necessary basic knowledge about basketball training and can really get started with your team. You can also get more training tips and information on the Internet. There are numerous websites and forums where you can talk about basketball training.

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