How to remove paint from clothes? What are the effective cleaning methods?

Paint is very common when decorating homes. If it accidentally gets on the clothes, it will dry quickly. If it is not solved in time, it will not be easy to wash it off in the future. It’s a pity to throw away the clothes with paint. How to remove the paint on the clothes ? What are the effective cleaning methods ? Followed by loading network together and see it.

How to wash off the paint?

1. Gasoline, kerosene or thinner

If it is stained with paint, immediately wipe it with a cloth or cotton ball dipped in gasoline, kerosene or thinner. and then wash it with a detergent solution, and wipe all the stained areas. If it is stained with water-soluble paint, latex paint, etc. or household interior wall paint, immediately rinse with water to remove it.

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2. Turpentine

If the clothing is stained with dirt such as paint or asphalt, and the time is not long, and the dirt has not solidified, you can rub it with turpentine.

3. Mixture of ether and turpentine

The paint or asphalt on the clothes is dry. You can soak it with a mixture of ether and turpentine . After the stain becomes soft (about 10 minutes), scrub with gasoline or benzene, and finally rinse with water.

4 . mmonia or borax solution

To remove stains such as paint or asphalt, you can use 10-20% ammonia water or 2% borax solution to soak. After dissolving, gently rub it until the dirt falls off.

5. Fengyoujing

The detergency of Fengyoujing is very strong and it is a special degreasing product, so apply a little bit of Fengyoujing on the stain, rub it several times with both hands, the paint will fall off, and then wash it off with water.

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6. lard and detergent

If the nylon fabric is stained by paint, it can be coated with lard and rubbed first, then soaked with detergent. The effect after washing with clean water is very good, just like when there is no stolen goods.

These are loaded net to give us how to remove the paint on the clothes and effective cleaning method , when later we are not careful stained with paint on clothes, can also be cleaned. As long as there is a correct paint cleaning method, your clothes will still be beautiful after washing and drying. I hope that the above introduction will be helpful to you. If you want to know more related information, please continue to pay attention to this website. Stay tuned for more exciting!

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