How to Stop Scooping the Golf Ball

If you’re new to golf, you probably make beginner golf swing errors, which is expected because it takes some time to develop skills to land hits where you want them to go. For example, scooping the ball is a common golf mistake that occurs when you try to hit the ball high into the air.

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The key here is to keep your wrists stiff while swinging the club, and the ball will fly high and far. The key here is to pay attention to the right side of your body and ensure that you release the swing when the club hits the ball.

Problems With Flipping The Club

Put simply, when trying to hit the golf ball, the iron part of your club has to hit the ball perfectly. If you hit it too high or too low, the shots will be thin or fat. That happens because the bottom of the swing arc is behind the ball. 

So you hit the ball with the bottom of the club on its way up, ruining the chances of actually getting some distance.

If the clubhead is ahead of the hands the moment the club touches the ball, the strike will result in a fat shot. In this case, the bottom of the swing arc is lower than the ball. 

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As a result, the club hits the ground before striking the ball, and you’re left with a short, thin shot. In other words, you must keep your left hand aligned with the club and the ground when striking the golf ball. 

Otherwise, you will experience an early release, and the golf ball won’t go where you want it to. However, you can perfect your swing by visiting the golf simulator New York club, where experts will gladly give you tips you can apply on the golf course.

Scooping Can Results In Injuries

Many people don’t know it, but scooping the golf ball can result in injury. Whenever the club hits the ground, it puts strain on your back and can lead to serious back problems and pain. 

Back pain is a common problem among golfers everywhere, and scooping the ball is the reason behind it. 

How to Stop Scooping The Ball

The good news is that you can prevent scooping the ball by simply paying more attention to the right side of your body. 

The key here is to change how you perceive the swing, and your shots will get better in no time at all. Here are some expert tips that will help you improve your shots on the golf course.

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Brace The Handle Using Your Index Finger

The way you grip the club plays a vital role in a good swing. The best approach is to keep the index finger straight along the handle. 

If your finger twists or bends as you swing, you will know that you’re cocking your wrist too much. Once you’re able to keep your finger straight the entire time, your shots will improve a lot.

Don’t Lift Your Right Shoulder When Swinging

Another mistake players make when swinging the club is lifting their right shoulder. The action is completely involuntary, and it happens because golfers get too focused on scooping the ball. 

Also, you can prefer golfing simulator to improve your golfing skills.

Of course, instead of hitting the ball correctly, most shots result in poor accuracy and shots. You must be aware of your shoulders when taking shots. Rolling is good, and lifting is bad. 

Straighten The Clubface

Some players open their clubface without even realizing it. They hit the ball higher into the air, but the results are usually the opposite. The clubface must stay in the correct position to hit the ball from the right angle. Therefore, instead of manipulating your club into an unnatural position, keep the clubface straight, and your shots will become better.

Stiffen The Grip and Loosen Up The Torso

We touched on this point before, but let’s repeat it, a cocked wrist causes scooping, so you must keep your wrist as stiff as you can when swinging the club. With that said, the rest of your body should be as relaxed as possible. 

Allow your shoulders to roll and keep your stomach relaxed so that it can flex as you swing. Stiffening up your upper body will harm your accuracy and power, so work on controlling your body, and your swing will improve in no time. Click here to get various latest information.


As you can see, the minor details make a massive difference in hitting a golfi with your club. So first, practice your swing without a ball to improve your posture and grip. 

Once you’ve done that, you can go to the golf course and see if you still scoop the ball. The chances are that you’ll be able to hit the ball higher and further than you did before. Just keep practicing, and the results will follow. 

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