Looking for an Affordable Organizer? Check Out Portable Closets!

Do you often travel or move from one place to another? I bet you always find it hard to put your clothes on as you constantly transfer them to another location. Want to have a flexible wardrobe that you can bring with you? A portable closet is suitable for you.

Portable closets are lightweight, so they are easy to carry, offering flexibility. Often, their price is just half of the traditional heavy cabinets you have at home. They work the same, though, so it’s worth buying. These closets can accommodate your dresses and apparel and give you more space for other stuff. We come up with these portable closet ideas and their benefits to help you start fixing!

Advantages of Portable Closets

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, you could get from buying a portable wardrobe. There are additional advantages we want to share with you. It’s functional and practical to use, so there won’t be any hassle in storing your clothes.

1. It keeps clothes for the next season. 

Seasonal clothes are sometimes difficult to store inside your regular closet. You wouldn’t want to mix them with your ordinary outfit because they might disorganized everything. Having a portable closet will ensure you keep them until the following season. What a good way of saving on shopping for these clothes!

2. It can be an additional closet for old and precious clothes.

You can also use portable wardrobes to store things that haven’t been worn in a long time. These can be your wedding gown, a favorite dress that you don’t want to part with, or shirts currently a size too small.

3. It serves as a wardrobe for guests.

You may set up a portable wardrobe for visitors that will be staying in your home for a week or two. This will save money by not installing a permanent cabinet in the guest room and allowing guests to unpack and store their belongings.

4. It has various sizes to choose from.

No matter how small your place is, there will always be an available size of a portable closet that will fit there. It may even be as big as your heavy closets or trimmer, which can only hold a few pieces of your clothes. Each of them is suitable in every corner of your home.

5. It has wheels for faster transport.

Wheels are a great feature of a portable closet. You can shift it from one place to another while cleaning or rearranging the whole room. Aside from the wheels, an added feature is you can disassemble it with ease if you want to carry it for vacation in another place.

6. It is available almost everywhere.

You can purchase one in almost every store, be it in department stores, hardware, furniture, or discount stores. There are also online stores that sell portable closets, with some offered freebies.

List of Portable Closet Ideas

1. Wide fabric closets  

This portable closet is spacious as it is wide enough to accommodate all your clothes. Not only do your clothes sit well inside, but they are protected from dust and moisture too. Its durable steel rack keeps it in place and very easy to assemble. Because it is wide and you put in a lot of clothes, it gets heavy. Don’t worry. It can carry up to 50 pounds of clothes.

The fabric materials vary as others use polyester while some use non-woven. The closets come with cube storage, shelves, or just a plain rack with hanging rods, depending on the manufacturer. The insides provide you space for your long dresses and folded ones.

2. Plastic cubed closets

Durability-wise, this is very convenient to buy. It offers you flexibility and features a lightweight and easy to assemble closet. The plastic cubes make up the whole wardrobe after building each grid. You can use it not just for your clothes but for other personal stuff as well. It comes in different stylish colors and the steel frames are sturdy enough to keep the closet still.

The material is safe as the plastic used is environment-friendly. You can simply clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth. What makes it more appealing is the door holes that keep away the accumulation of odors inside each cube.

3. Expandable Metal Hanging Rack

Not all portable closets come with fabric that surrounds it. This type of portable closet is one best example. Besides being lightweight, you can easily install metal racks by screwing them to hold them in place. Its setting offers no hassle of wearing the covers on the tubes. Simply put, you just install the metal rack and that’s it! You can use it instantly.

In addition to its features, you can expand or adjust the height and the width of the hanging rods. The shelves give you ample space for your clothes and their height can be adjusted. There are available plastic liners, too, to put on the shelves for additional features.

4. Closet Rack with Wheels

Looking for a simple yet stylish closet rack? Check this one. It’s a combination of sturdiness and aesthetic appeal despite having no covers. It’s an overall rack as you can put on your other accessories such as hats and bags while hanging your clothes atop. 

You can also keep your shoes below on their shelf because the construction doesn’t have covers. It’s a multipurpose rack that keeps everything you need! Because of its simplicity, cleaning is easy too. Its wheels help you to move the closet and have brakes to keep it still. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble so anyone can do it in a snap.

Final Say

Portable closets are widely advertised and used by many people regardless of status. They don’t just give the convenience of organizing clothes, more so, they are functional and practical to use. The price is affordable so you don’t need to spend a lot as you do on furniture. If you’re the type of person that often leaves a place for some reason, a portable closet is a practical choice for you.

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