Making the best of your casino experience

Have you ever walked into a casino? It’s an exciting yet intimidating atmosphere, you feel a sense of exhilaration and hear the buzz of enjoyment surrounding you. Casinos such as can be fun, entertaining and socially rewarding environments yet the fear of losing, the big bright lights and crowds can create anxiety. There are steps you can take to ensure that your casino night is the best it can be.

Know your games

Rocking up to a casino without any prior knowledge on how to play any of the games is not a good idea. Casinos are now available online (amazing right?) and offer free welcome bonuses, meaning you can practice the games at home without risking anything! If the reason you are going to a casino is because you hate the internet then do not fret, there are plenty of rule books out there for you to brush up on your casino knowledge. Knowing your games will help you to feel more confident and allow you to know what games you love to play. 

Social circle

The great thing about casinos is the atmosphere. They are so busy that even if you did decide to game alone, you would never feel alone. However, I would recommend taking a friend or two with you on your big night out. Experiencing a casino with friends or family is sure to improve your experience. They can also be great at giving advice when you are unsure on whether to bet or not (well some friends are good at advice; know what friends you can listen to)! Some casinos also offer non gambling activities which means you are bound to find something that suits all your friends. 


If you are going to a casino the chances are you will not just be there for one game and one drink. If you’re going out, you might as well make the most of it. Lots of casinos offer hotel deals, dinner offers VIP services etc. Look around and find the best deal to suit you! You do not want to be on the verge of winning a fortune and then have to leave to catch a train. 

Breathe, break, boundaries

BREATHE. Ever got so caught up in a moment that you’ve realised you haven’t taken a breath? Talking from experience I can guarantee that when you are in a casino you will be swept away with the action. You will lose all reasoning, dream of the near impossible and forget your cash limit. It is vital to stick to your limits. To take regular breaks and to take a moment to breathe and gather yourself and your thoughts. It’s okay to push yourself and to get caught up in the moment but remembering to take a minute will enhance your gaming experience. 

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Enjoy yourself

The most important step to take is to enjoy yourself. Casinos are made so that you can have fun, the anxiety should never outweigh the fun. So, go take a selfie, roll a dice, have a martini…. Have fun!

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