Mario Balotelli Makes Life Harder for FC Sion

The Italian superstar is often cited as one of the “unmanageable” players that receive a lot of criticism from both fans and coaches but still perform excellently. However, unlike Ivan Ibrahimovich whose antics often make us smile, Balotelli is known for acting quite “weird” and making people question his adequacy. His recent escapade may bring a lot of trouble to Sion.

The hooligan and the genius

Mario Balotelli is no stranger to controversy. He was accused of racism and anti-Semitism for some of his remarks, but it is hard to accuse some with Jewish blood of racism directed at Jews. He was also pictured alongside a couple of known mafia bosses and even shoot an air gun as a joke in a public space scaring people around him.

In essence, “Super Mario” likes to walk on the razor’s edge and cause trouble for his managers. However, he is usually quite responsible and conscientious when it comes to playing the game. His scandalous personality that attracts public attention and impressive skills made him a very precious purchase for FC Sion, but he has already stirred some controversy.

At first, Balotelli mentioned that the Swiss league is “not very good” and sarcastically talked about the skill level of players he faces when stepping on the grass. Now, he is compromising the chances of the team winning several next games by disappearing in local bars and restaurants. He was seen in seemingly severe alcoholic intoxication almost carried by one of his friends.

Since his unwanted public appearance, he has not visited the club or attended training sessions. It seems that the 32-year soccer star struggles with hangovers much harder compared to his early twenties. In 2015, AC Milan had to prohibit him from smoking and drinking since these bad habits affected his performance.

The “special” approach to signing players continues at FC Sion

The club is known for its questionable decisions when it comes to drafting players. However, the acquisition of Balotelli seemed to be a good move. The Italian superstar has been sitting on the bench so far, but it does not mean that he shouldn’t come to work at all!

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