New kitesurfing season in Egypt

We offer courses for both beginners and professional surfers. We guarantee that you will receive a great result from the training.

We teach kite surfing in a warm and hospitable environment, and you will be able to train up to 365 days per year. If you want to make sure that our school is legit, then just check the user reviews below.

We offer a great place in Egypt for you to practice in. If you search for kiteschoolegypt, you will probably find our site right away, since we offer some of the best services in kitesurfing. Our school has been working for many years in this area, and you will see that all this time we have been able to make our clients happy.

Our school has been working from 2014, and we have been offering our clients complete courses in kiteboarding and kite surfing. We also let you rent the best equipment for surfing when you train, and we also offer full facilities for surfing, storing equipment and generally we have everything you can wish for while surfing. Our equipment comes from premium brands like Crazyfly and Cabrinha, and we make sure our clients have the best experience.

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Each year we organize a boat trip around the most picturesque islands near Egypt, and you can see lots of beautiful scenes and visit pretty places. We will let you stop by and take pics of some of the most beautiful places in Egypt, and you will, no doubt, enjoy this trip.

On these islands we have camps, where the trainees can live for a long time, and while some of the islands are geared towards beginners, on others there are camps for professional surfers. Our complex features places for all levels of skill, and on some you can just relax on the beach and spend time in the sun. The conditions on these islands are ideal for a year-long trip both to learn about kitesurfing and also just spend some time in a warm and healthy environment. This is a kid-friendly place, with shallow and warm water and many places to swim and bathe.

We offer a 100% warranty on all the experience here, and you will have to pay only for what you learn. You do not pay anything for unused hours. If you have rented a place, but were unable to come, you will get a full refund. You will also get a refund on any equipment you rent, if you were unable to use it.

We also have a blog and a forum, where our clients can chat and discuss what they have learned, what are some common mistakes of beginners and many other things. Or you may just use it to chat and find some new friends!

Our instructors have licenses from the International Kitesurfing Organization that show that they are true professionals of their work. They have been instructing new people here for years, and they will make sure that you will have a safe and pleasurable experience without any wasted time.

We are located in Hurghada, and our headquarters are near a top class hotel, the AMC Royal. This is one of the best hotels in the area, and you can get a lot of beautiful views just by stepping outside. There are many places you can get to easily from here, including the Palma Resort. The School itself is very close to the Hawaii Riviera and Hawaii Le Jardin. This place is only four hours away from most European cities, if you take a plane.

We can be contacted via phone, Viber, email and on our site, and we are always glad to see new people come. We are also recommended by Trip Advisor, and have many good reviews from clients there.

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