New Millenium Athletics launches a sustainable athleisure collection with the shirt that does it all

While luxury everyday wear and athletic wear had a distinct separation in the past, more and more brands are attempting to create versatile apparel that can be used for various purposes. The intention is to offer luxury activewear that not only enhances athletic performance but can also be worn to work, the gym and for a night out.

The sports and fitness fashion market is predicted to reach $231.7 billion by 2024 at an annual growth rate of 4.42%.

Sportswear and luxury first collided in 1998 when Jill Sander, the earliest fashion brand, collaborated with sportswear brand Adidas to launch a new collection. Since then, luxury brands have drawn inspiration from sportswear silhouettes and culture.

One company that seeks to bridge the gap between luxury and sportswear is New Millennium Athletics. With the new polo design from New Millennium Athletics, the modern man can go straight from the golf course to a night on the town without having to worry about functionality or fashion. The brand’s new Multiverse Collection featuring high-performance polo shirts provides a timely, and meticulously tailored fit made just for men looking for function, sophisticated design, and versatility from recycled materials. While in the past, tailoring techniques were reserved for dress shirts, the brand’s modern polo gives people an expanded range of motion without sacrificing that perfect fit and look.

Their polo shirts are made of a high-performance blend of recycled polyester and spandex that is lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and offers 360° stretch for increased airflow and mobility. While traditional dress shirts used tailoring techniques to improve the fit and look of the shirt, it was clear that classic polos did not use the same design. For that reason, the Multiverse collection has knife pleats along the shoulders that are tactically placed and engineered to improve upper-body mobility, react to movements, and enhance overall athletic performance. Additionally, the polo has rear darting to provide a perfect fit around the midsection to eliminate useless fabric that hinders athletic performance and prevents people from performing their best.

On top of using materials that will help with performance, the shirts are made with recycled polyester from recycled plastics that are melted into pellets to create the yarn that goes into the fabric. Finally, to bring the old-school golf polo to the modern age, the team at New Millennium Athletics opted for a stylish bladed collar, brushed metal buttons, and understated branding to reflect the perfect aesthetic for the modern man.

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Along with creating the perfect shirt for the modern man, the brand is committed to creating products that are also sustainable. Sustainable fashion can save natural resources, reduce carbon footprints, support fairer and safer working conditions, and save the lives of every living being on the planet. To illustrate, a study from 2015 showed that 97% of materials that go into manufacturing efforts were new resources, with only 3% being recycled. If we take into account the oil and other materials it takes to produce synthetic fibers, fertilizers to grow cotton, and many chemicals needed to dye and finish products, the annual resource input in 2015 was 98 million tons. For this reason, many eco-friendly fashion brands are now using recycled fibers as a more sustainable option because it reduces pressure on new resources and contributes to waste management.

Investing in sustainable active wear allows brands to rejuvenate their image and reach wider audiences while also pushing the manufacturers of athleticwear to continuously improve their production capabilities. In fact, a study done in 2019 reported that Gen Zers had purchased luxury items because of their collaboration with activewear companies. These brands have succeeded in creating hype around their products, especially among younger consumers who are more socially-conscious.

From inception, the goal of New Millennial Athletics has been to bring consumers the perfect modern update to the iconic polo shirt. The husband-and-wife team behind the brand developed this shirt so that they could improve the traditional polo shirt while positively impacting the environment. Their design is thoughtful and meticulous to the modern man, right from finding the suitable fabric to refining the fit and finish. Their objective is to deliver a great product in a timely and sustainable fashion. They’re also dedicated to upholding the environmental commitments and sustainable practices needed to provide a beneficial product to both their consumers and the environment.

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The brand has recently launched their Kickstarter campaign. They have proven that they plan to keep their word to create sustainable fashion and deliver products promptly while also infusing luxury into athleticwear. They have made a high-quality polo that not only enhances athletic performance but can also be worn in various settings while providing a timeless style. The Multiverse Polo is in the product launch stage, and the team is focusing its efforts on advertising and generating interest for their Kickstarter campaign. They have prototypes in navy and black with plans to expand with more colors after their campaign.

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