Nova Security for Android

It is natural that when something is of great value and importance it got to be protected in the best possible manner. Gold which is very valuable are protected in bank vaults. Now let’s focus on a personal device such as a smartphone or a computer which brings in immense value to its users through the service offered. Although such a device when compared to gold does not carry a big monetary value, the personal service it provides to the users brings in so much of value. As such these devices should and must be well protected with appropriate security. Taking into consideration how important protection that has to be parted to a personal device a well-designed, sophisticated, yet easy to use App is available for grabs. Look no further it is the Nova Security App.

Competition for security and junk cleaning apps are very high. Some of the leading apps are Clean Master, NOX Cleaner App, Phone Master, CCleaner, AVG Cleaner, etc.

Summarize below are some of the App’s super features.

Features of Nova Security Apk

A major problem in today’s context are viruses. They just intrude and destroy. With the App’s VIRUS CLEANER feature viruses will not stand a chance. It will very efficiently run intelligent scans where necessary. Thereafter it will destroy and clean any viruses such as Extortion, Malware, Trojan viruses.

Messages communicated are meant to its recipient only. With the NOVA MESSAGE SECURITY feature this will be guaranteed. Such messages will be directed to a message box. This message boxes could be named separately by the user for easy reference to access a particular subject message that will save time of having to search. Popping up of messages publicly will be eliminated thereby preventing unauthorized reading.

APPLOCK FEATURE – with a password or a pattern created by the user block the devices Gallery, Folders or any other. All of the devices contents by this superior security App lock will be 100% in the control of the user.

WI FI – when at a public place like in a hotel NOVA APP with its Wi-Fi feature will search for the public Wi-Fi links on offer and display safe links. If it detects any unsafe links this will be alerted to the user.

BROWSING –  Couldn’t be any safer and better. With NOVA no trace of what has been browsed by the user will be transparent. Don’t be naughty now ah ha !

MEMORY BOOSTER – memory is the heartbeat that keeps the device ticking. All running Apps in the background not been used will be disabled. This will free up and boost much needed memory.

– With the GAME BOOSTER feature NOVA will balance the device in the most optimum manner to keep the game going smoothly to avoid any disappointment of a game not played smoothly.

Let’s be thankful to Nova Security app for giving all of us a peace of mind knowing that our most valuable and indispensable personal device is in safe hands.

Supreme protection and security of its kind. Look no further.

Download Nova Security Apk

Install Nova Security Apk on any Android phone to secure all your data including messages, photos, videos, contacts, etc. Here we are using Android App store called AC Market to install Nova Security app. Using an app store always guarantee safe download and future updates. First download and install AC Market Apk. Then use its search feature to find and download nova security app.

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