It’s no question that everyone wants a revitalizing fresh shower now and then, with the pampering spa treatment, candles, and a bath robe. Still, due to everyone’s busy schedule, it tends to be hard to practice these treatments daily. But we’d be negligent if we didn’t give showers some love as well. Soaking up in a hot bathtub with an entertaining storybook or an entertainment newsmagazine is ideal for unwinding; feasibility is important with the chosen method of bathing. Warm water flowing over you while pillows of mist swirl around you that has a soothing effect.

So listed below are the tips for an ideal pampering shower regimen for everyone on Team Shower:


Soak up up the equipment

People wouldn’t know what they’re wasting out on if you’ve never slid in a damp bathrobe or wrapped yourself in a fluffy robe in a spa. Replicate the feeling by tossing it in the drier on the lowest and wrapping yourself in it once you’ve cooled off.


You may wipe yourself in the, of course. Because we adore the aromatherapy benefits, most of us should opt for an organic exfoliant. However, washing your face prior permits you to cleanse before the important part. When you have plenty of time, please wash your hands to make it a more luxurious experience.

Include candles and sound

Showers, like baths, are more enjoyable when the temperature is adjusted. Connect a portable speaker to your favourite music and light many fragrant enhancers so you could rest your eyes in the dark, pampering ambience.


With a Mask, preferably activated charcoal, to cleanse out the surface of your cells, detox your whole body—think underarms, breasts, neck, and buttocks (works well for acne). Before rinsing, keep it on for 20 minutes. And glycerol because the steam from the shower gears all the cells towards enhancing out for better results. On the other hand, mud clay and peeling masks should be avoided since humidity might cause them to slip off or hinder them from settling.

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Create foam with any bath bomb during your bathing. If one’s skin is very rough, concentrate on sweaty regions and avoid uncovered parts, such as your legs and arms. Opt for gels that inherit oils that are made from natural sources.


The longer you spend in the bathtub, the more dry regions (think feet, blisters, thighs, and knees) soften up, being the ideal time to exfoliate. Exfoliating before grooming also allows your razor to reach nearer to the surface, resulting in longer-lasting effects. Our most vigorous exfoliant, Exfoliating Foot Pad, would maintain the surface of your foot to be extremely soft in extra tough places.

Cut the hair

If you’re going to shave any in the shower, this is the time to do it. Exfoliating has pulled the hair back and away from the root, removing any poor, dead tissue that inhibits a close shave. To keep skin calm, use hydrating products In the Shower, in addition to a Moisturizer with calming rosemary as a shaving lotion for a little additional smoothness. If you have a mask on, remove it now.

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Apply your serum and face cream on a moist face. Don’t forget to hydrate your lips and use an eye cream. Try a daily Mint Lip Balm and a bedtime Therapy as well.

Now get your warm robe out of the dryer and wrap yourself in it. Then sip a pot of coffee, a glass of red wine, or a glass of wellness water with lime and cucumber slices in it.

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