Poker Hand with Kings, Queens, Jacks And Tens Nicknames You Should Know

The following is the nicknames of poker hand with Kings, Queens, Jacks and Tens in poker games that you should know. The nicknames needed for you to be more familiar with this poker games, so that you will be familiar next time you play it like in the site Idn poker

Hands With Kings

King-King (K-K) K, K

  • Ace Magnets: Given this name because a pair of Aces is the only set that can beat this.
  • Cowboys: The phonetic similarities between the K in Kings and the C in Cowboys. Also, Texas was famous for its poker players and cowboys. Players with this hand will play it fast and reckless, like a cowboy!
  • King Kong: Shared initials of the famous movie ape.
  • Elvis Presley: Referring to the ‘King’ of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

King-Queen (K-Q) K, Q

  • Marriage/Royal Couple: For the union between a King and a Queen.
  • King of Queens: Reference to the popular Kevin James comedy show.
  • Valentine’s Day: When both cards are suited hearts because of love.

King-Jack (K-J) K, J

  • Kojak: Given for the phonetic similarity to TV’s lollipop loving detective.
  • Joking/Jacking: Due to phonetic similarity.
  • Bachelor’s Hand or Jackoff: (Unsuited) Because the hand is a ‘Jack, off-suit.’

King-Ten (K-10) K, 10

  • Katie/Ken: Phonetic similarities to K-10.
  • Big Al: Named for the big-time poker player from Wisconsin nicknamed “Big Al” Emerson.

King-Nine (K-9) K, 9

  • Canine: Nickname given due to the phonetic sound of the King and Nine pronounced together.
  • Dog: Because of the name canine.
  • Fido/Mutt/Pedigree/Rin Tin Tin/Doctor Who: More canine references.

King-Eight (K-8) K, 8

  • Kate: Named for the phonetic pronunciation of K-eight.
  • Feast: Because it’s what the King ate.

King-Seven (K-7) K, 7

  • Columbia River: Famous for its King salmon runs, the King Seven shares a phonetic similarity to King Salmon.
  • Kevin: More phonetic fun.

King-Six (K-6) K, 6

  • Kicks: A combination of the words King and six together.

King-Five (K-5) K, 5

  • Seattle Special: Named for the Seattle television station KING on channel 5.
  • Knives: K and Fives almost makes knives.

King-Four (K-4) K, 4

  • Fork/Core: The phonetic combination of the K and 4 either way around.
  • Oppression of the Masses: What is a King for? One for the anarchists, here.

King-Three (K-3) K, 3

  • King Crab: Because 3s resemble a sideways crab and King Crab is a popular food item.

King-Two (K-2) K, 2

  • King Fritz/Big Fritz: Thought to be named for the famous German poker pro Andreas Fritz.
  • Donald: A reference to Donald Duck, the King of the ducks (used most often when the hand is off-suit).

Hands With Queens

Queen-Queen (Q-Q) Q, Q

  • Bitches: The derogatory nickname for two women.
  • Four Tits: Because two Queens have four breasts.
  • Ladies: A less derogatory form of the above, for when you don’t feel like being unnecessarily offensive.
  • Calamity Jane: A famous Cowgirl. Thought to be a play on the ‘Cowboys’ nickname for KK.
  • Canadian Aces: The Queen of England is said to be respected in Canada.

Queen-Jack (Q-J) Q, J

  • Maverick: From the popular western show of the same name whose theme song references “livin’ on Jacks and queens.”
  • Hawaii: If you avoid playing this hand for a full year, you’ll save enough for a trip to Hawaii!

Queen-Ten (Q-10) Q, 10

  • Robert Varkonyi: The winner of the WSOP in 2002 with this hand.
  • Quint/Q-Tip: For the phonetic similarity to Queen-Ten.

Queen-Nine (Q-9) Q, 9

  • Quinine: For the similarity to the sound of the name of a well-known malaria drug.

Queen-Eight (Q-8) Q, 8

  • Kuwait: Phonetically similar to Q-eight.

Queen-Seven (Q-7) Q, 7

  • Computer Hand: Because it is statistically equally likely to be ahead or behind any other single random hand. It was found to have a 50% chance to win and 50% chance to lose against any two cards.

Queen-Six (Q-6) Q, 6

  • Quix: A combination of the two words.
  • Nesquik: Queen and Six combined make Quix, a nickname for Nesquik.

Queen-Five (Q-5) Q, 5

  • Granny Mae: Granny for Queen, Mae because May is the 5th month. Bit of a reach, this one.

Queen-Four (Q-4) Q, 4

  • Housework: A ‘comic’ response to the question, ‘What is a Queen for?’
  • Prince Maker: Another ‘comic’ response to the question, ‘What is a Queen for?’

Queen-Three (Q-3) Q, 3

  • Windsor Waiter: A queen with a tray.

Queen-Two (Q-2) Q, 2

  • Daisy: A reference to Daisy Duck – Donald Duck’s partner and Queen of the ducks.
  • Queen Liz: Nicknamed as a reference to Queen Elizabeth II.

Hands With Jacks

Jack-Jack (J-J) J, J

  • Brothers: Two males who look similar.
  • Fishhooks: The J resembles a fishhook and there are two of them.
  • Jar Jars: Jar Jar Binx is hated by Star Wars connoisseurs as the JJ hand is hated by poker pros.
  • John Juanda: Initials of the US poker player.

Jack-Ten (J-10) J, 10

  • Justin Timberlake: Shares initials with the popstar.
  • T. J. Hooker: Nicknamed after the 80’s TV character played by William Shatner.
  • Greek Passport: A story states a Greek immigrant won residency in Australia with this hand.

Jack-Nine (J-9) J, 9

  • Braggars: Because nines and Jacks are wild in Braggars poker.
  • T.J Cloutier (when suited): The poker player flopped three straight flushes in one year with this starting hand.

Jack-Eight (J-8) J, 8

  • Jeffrey Dahmer: Named for the infamous serial killer who “ate Jack”.
  • Jacket: Jack-Eight sounds a bit like Jacket if you say it quickly.

Jack-Seven (J-7) J, 7

  • Heckle and Jeckle: Named for the early television cartoon “J-birds” of the same name (2 Jays).

Jack-Six (J-6) J, 6

  • Railroad: Because if you say Jacks and sixes repeatedly quick it sounds like a train going over tracks, apparently.

Jack-Five (J-5) J, 5

  • Motown: For the famous music label’s association with the Jackson Five – also called ‘J5’.
  • Jackson Five: For sharing the ‘J5’ nickname of the famous Motown singing group the Jackson Five.

Jack-Four (J-4) J, 4

  • Flat Tire: What’s a Jack for?
  • The New Motown: Because now the Jackson Five has only four members.

Jack-Three (J-3) J, 3

  • J-Lo: Play off the nickname for the famous movie star Jennifer Lopez, J and a low card.
  • Lumberjack: A Jack and a ‘Tree’.

Hands With Tens

Ten-Ten (10-10) 10, 10

  • Dimes: Because a dime is worth ten cents.
  • Tension: Because holding this pair can cause a lot of tension, it is the first of the bigger pairs that holds a high chance of winning but isn’t high enough to be a sure thing.
  • Dynamite/TNT: T and T resembles TNT when spoken aloud.
  • Binary: 1010 is 10 in binary decimal notation.

Ten-Nine (10-9) 10, 9

  • Countdown: Because countdown start from 10-9 etc

Ten-Eight (10-8) 10, 8

  • Tetris: A stretch here, thought to be because of mild phonetic similarity. Likely to be a forced effort due to this hand not previously having a nickname.

Ten-Seven (10-7) 10, 7

  • Bowling Hand/Split: Named for the 7/10 split in bowling.

Ten-Six (10-6) 10, 6

  • Sweet: Nicknamed for the “one-six” sweet sixteen.

Ten-Five (10-5) 10, 5

  • Woolworth: Nicknamed for the very first “five and dime store” of the early 20th century. Five and Dime is also a frequently used nickname.
  • Merfs: Named for the draw poker game of the same name where tens and fives are wild cards.

Ten-Four (10-4) 10, 4

  • Broderick Crawford: The popular actor who was famous for using the call sign “10-4” on the show Highway Patrol.
  • Convoy/Good Buddy: From the use of “10-4” in the famous country song, Convoy.

Ten-Three (10-3) 10, 3

  • Fast Connection: Named for the super-fast T3 internet connection speed.

Ten-Two (10-2) 10, 2

  • Doyle Brunson: For the 1976/77 WSOP Champion’s winning hand.
  • Terminator 2: The movie’s sub-title is T2.

You can cheerfully play every poker game now having known this nicknames like playing in the Idn poker terbaik sites.

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