Preparing the world for Bitcoin’s ideals: An interview with Max Wright

The world is changing rapidly, the financial system is also subject to modifications, classical finances are complemented by new financial technologies. Cryptocurrencies are an integral part of these transformations.

Bitcoin is a payment system and a digital currency that was not initially known to the general public, arousing interest only among computer geeks. But recently, its influence on the financial world has become so strong that it has covered almost all categories of people. Bitcoin with its high volatility is very attractive against the backdrop of the restrained US dollar. And to buy it, taking advantage of the USD weakness, is more interesting from a speculative point of view than, let’s say, transactions with gold or euro.

There are many experts in the crypto world, but few of them really influence its development. Max Wright is one of them, being a self-proclaimed investor, a BTC expert and a co-author of the book “The Bitcoin Revolution: Ending Tyranny for Fun and Profit” which is one of the most Amazon sought-after Bitcoin-related works. 

Max Wright is also one of the narrators of the video podcasts of the Success Council blog which believes that for rebuilding society and the economy after the global demise the following goals are fundamental:

  • Decrease the influence of government;
  • Restore a free market economy;
  • Leverage the idea of personal freedom and competence.

Beside being involved in the Success Council activity, Max Wright is a frequent speaker at numerous Bitcoin-associated events. Answering the Cointelegraph`s questions he told that at first he didn’t take the idea of digital money too seriously and started scrutinizing the subject only for selfish motives in order to defend the idea that gold and silver were the only genuine forms of money. But the deeper he sank into the BTC waters the more he was excited with Bitcoin’s resistance to violence. His book “The Bitcoin Revolution: Ending Tyranny for Fun and Profit” is targeting those people who assume the problematics of the modern fiat monetary system. In the work the author thoroughly puts in comparison precious metals and Bitcoin,  hoping to awaken people to the idea that a decentralized currency, which can be untraceable to any single person, may be the antidote to the sickness of a big government.

Nevertheless, in Wright`s view it is not obligatory for an average cryptocurrency  holder to understand the BTC ins and outs in order to use it as most people do not understand the nature of traditional money but use them in any case. 

Max Wright believes in the continued growth of Bitcoin, considering it a promising asset. However, he does not recommend investing all your savings in BTC, because in the case of a cryptocurrency, nothing can be guaranteed and you can not say with 100% certainty  how events will develop further. He believes that it will be possible to draw conclusions during the time.

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