Preserving Evidence of a Car Accident: How Your Lawyer Can Help

A car accident can leave a victim injured and disoriented. But, despite this experience, victims must try to preserve evidence of their crash. If it is safe for them, they should take some steps. And their idaho car accident attorney can collect other pieces of evidence that victims cannot get themselves.

If you were injured in a car crash because of the negligent action of another driver, you may have a viable claim. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you collect the necessary evidence to prove your claim. They can help you get a favorable settlement or verdict, no matter the type of injuries you sustained. 

How Your Lawyer Can Preserve Evidence

After a car accident, it is important to document the scene by taking photos, including photos of damaged cars and the injures you suffered. Also, photos of skid marks or property damage can be taken to help determine the angle from which your vehicle may have been hit. These photos must be taken as quickly as possible before the accident scene can be cleaned up. Here’s how your lawyer can help preserve important evidence after a car crash:

  • Sending a letter of spoliation. A skilled lawyer can send a letter of spoliation to help ensure evidence cannot be tempered or destroyed. For instance, this letter could request that the car of the other party must not be fixed until photos of it can be taken. 
  • Recovering video footage. Your attorney will check for video cameras that may have captured the crash. They can get a copy of the footage by making a formal request. They can use this footage to validate your claim and defend you against the insurance company that may try to blame you for the accident. 
  • Going to the accident scene as soon as possible. Your lawyer will gather evidence before it disappears. If your car accident happened in the middle of an intersection, the scene can be cleaned up quickly. In fact, it can also be altered. By going to the scene, your attorney can also assess your accident and speak with some people who may be able to give relevant statements. 

Hiring a Lawyer with Experience in Evidence Preservation

 If you are looking for an attorney to represent your car accident claim, you must work with one with experience collecting evidence and investigating such kinds of cases. The best lawyer to hire understands how difficult your situation is for you and your family, so they will handle the legal process for you. This way, you can concentrate only on recovering from your injury.

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